New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) provides an opportunity for other Midshipmen in leadership positions to teach (under the guidance and supervision of the unit staff) the importance of camaraderie, teamwork and self-discipline. This period of instruction focuses on military orientation including drill, uniform wear, core values, customs and courtesies, chain of command, and inspections. Professional training on naval operations, service selection, drug and alcohol policies, and equal opportunity/sexual harassment policies helps to create the framework upon which four more years of professional training will be built.


Fall 2022 New Student Orientation

NSO has three primary purposes: to administratively process you into our NROTC unit, to provide you with basic military instruction, and to help you adjust to life as a Midshipman within the Company. NSO will begin as you arrive at your respective universities (Admin Day) and will take place over the course of approximately three weeks.

We encourage you to use the remainder of your summer to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the challenging, but immensely rewarding road ahead. The measure of your success in this program begins with the effort you put forth today. Please contact us at if you have questions about your up-coming training, administrative forms, or the NROTC program.