Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a crucial element of mission readiness and operational effectiveness in the Navy and Marine Corps. To prepare Midshipmen for life in the fleet, we incorporate physical training into the NROTC program. Students must arrive at the NROTC unit physically fit and within established height and weight standards for their service. If a student arrives out of standards they jeopardize activation of their NROTC scholarship.  

New students will have to complete a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) during New Student Orientation. The minimum Navy standards for the PFA are as follows (all Midshipmen are held to the age group standard of 20-24 regardless of actual age):

  Push-ups Forearm Plank
1.5 Mile Run
  Females: Age 20-24 21 1:35
  Males: Age 20-24 47 1:40

The minimum Marine standards for the PFA are as follows:

Forearm Plank
3.0 Mile Run
  Females: Age 17-20
  Males: Age 17-20

*To pass the Marine PFA a 235 (First Class) score required. *

Additionally, Marines will perform a CFT, which consists of three events: Movement To Contact (MTC), Ammunition Lift (AL) and Maneuver Under Fire (MANUF).

Midshipmen are encouraged to achieve well above the established minimum standards on the PFA and are expected to improve their level of physical readiness achievement as they progress through the program. All Midshipmen will complete one official Physical Readiness Test (PRT) per semester.

The Marquette NROTC Company will conduct unit physical training at least once a week. Additional physical training sessions will be held for Midshipmen who do not meet PFA standards.