Marquette Undergraduate Application Information

Marquette University Undergraduates

Undergraduate students must complete the first three years of the pre-physician assistant curriculum prior to beginning the PA program. (see Undergraduate Bulletin Pre-Physician Assistant Studies section for curriculum). Students may apply as early as the summer after their sophomore year. Admitted students will complete their undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences within the first year of the physician assistant program. A Master of Physician Assistant Studies will be awarded upon graduation from the PA program.

Criteria to be considered an Internal PA Candidate

Candidates must be on track for a Biomedical Sciences degree following the published pre-PA curriculum. Undergraduate applicants who transfer from another institution must have a minimum of 30 total credit hours (2 semesters), including at least 12 credits of science coursework for the PA program completed at Marquette and applied toward the undergraduate biomedical science major prior to submission of the PA application. All internal applicants must be current with their biomedical science undergraduate degree, as outlined by their undergraduate biomedical sciences advisor.

Requirements also include:

  1. Minimum cumulative total GPA of 3.0. (calculated by CASPA)
  2. For junior applicants, a minimum of four semesters of coursework will be calculated in your admission application.
  3. Completion of the following prerequisite coursework at time of application:*
    • *Juniors can apply with two science prerequisites in progress or planned. Seniors can with one science prerequisite in progress or planned. However, all prerequisite coursework must be completed by December 31 prior to matriculating into the PA program.
      • 2 semesters of biological sciences (biology)
      • 1-2 semesters (minimum of 4 credits total) of inorganic (General) chemistry with lab
      • 1 semester of microbiology (3 credits)
      • 1 semester of physiology (3 credits)
        • Must be at least 3 credits. Marquette University’s College of Health Sciences offers BISC 4145 (4 credits). 
      • 1 semester of biochemistry (3 credits)
        • Must be at least 3 credits. Marquette University's College of Health Sciences offers BISC 3213 Biochemistry (4 credits).
      • Additional prerequisite coursework that may be in progress at time of application*:
        • 1 semester of social science (psychology recommended, AP credit accepted)
        • 1 semester of statistics (AP credit accepted)
        • 1 course in medical terminology
    • *It is highly recommended that the pre-requisite coursework is completed within the last 5 years and taken at a 4 year regionally accredited institution. All prerequisite coursework must be completed with a grade of C or better. C- and CD and lower grades are not satisfactory grades.
  4. Minimum of 200 hours of patient contact
      • The hours can be either volunteer or paid direct patient care. The minimum 200 hours must be completed at the time your application is submitted with a contact number of a supervisor or volunteer office for verification. Hours may include (but are not limited to): nursing assistant, EMT, volunteer patient care within a nursing home or hospital, radiology tech, phlebotomist. (Note: healthcare shadowing does not count towards this requirement)
  5. Three letters of recommendation are required (Submitted via CASPA).

    Although there are no requirements as to the format or content of the three reference letters we require, we do have some suggestions as to who these references might come from:

    • Someone who knows you academically. This would ideally be someone whose course you have taken and can comment on your preparation for the rigors of an intense professional academic program.
    • Someone who knows your work ethic. This would ideally be from someone in the healthcare field with whom you have worked with, or worked for, and can comment on your work ethic, passion for healthcare, etc.
    • Someone who knows you personally. This would ideally be from someone in the community who can comment on your character, your goals, etc.
  6. CASPer situational judgement test
    • All applicants applying to the Physician Assistant Studies program, at Marquette University are required to complete an online suite of assessments (Altus Suite), to assist with our selection process for the 2021-2022 Application Cycle.

      Altus Suite consists of a two-part online assessment of non-cognitive skills, interpersonal characteristics, and personal values and priorities that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program. Altus Suite will complement the other tools that we use for applicant screening. In implementing Altus Suite, we are trying to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.

      Altus Suite consists of:

      • Casper: a 60-90 minute online situational judgment test (SJT)
      • Snapshot: a 10-minute one-way interview with standardized questions

      You will register for Altus Suite for the US Professional Health Sciences test (CSP-10101).

      Access to create an account and for more information on important dates and requirements, and the Altus Suite assessments.

  7. An interview will be offered to select applicants.

Meeting the admission requirements and completing the academic prerequisites does not guarantee admission to the Physician Assistant Program. Marquette's PA program accepts students from a large pool of highly qualified, diverse applicants and is a competitive process.

Undergraduate transfer students interested in applying must contact the Director of Student Success & Recruitment at the College of Health Sciences Dean’s Office for course approvals and advising.