Frequently Asked Questions

 How many do you accept?

 We accept a total of 75 students per year. 25 +/- 5 students are accepted from Marquette undergraduates with the other 50 +/- 5 students admitted from outside Marquette.

 What GPA do I need?

 A minimum total GPA of 3.0 as calculated by CASPA is required.

 What if I don't get in?

 Application to PA programs across the country is highly competitive. Undergraduate students continue their work towards their Biomedical Sciences degree and may re-apply.

Can I apply as a junior or senior?

 Absolutely. Some students become aware of the PA profession after declaring majors in other fields. These students must realize that if admitted to the PA program, they become biomedical sciences majors and must complete their undergraduate requirements before beginning PA studies.

 Do experience hours from high school or many years ago count?

 Applicants may submit healthcare experience hours earned during their junior year of high school and later. In addition, applicants should try to augment these experiences with more recent ones as well.

 Should I shadow a PA?

 Shadowing is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. It shows the admission committee that you have made effort to explore the profession.

 What types of references do you recommend I obtain for my application?

Although there are no requirements as to the format or content of the three reference letters we require, we do have some suggestions as to who these references might come from.

  • A reference who is familiar with your current academic record and can comment on your academic potential. This would ideally be someone whose course you have taken and can comment on your preparation for the rigors of an intense professional academic program.
  • A reference who is familiar with your desire to become a PA and your work ethic. This would ideally be from someone in the healthcare field with whom you have worked with, or worked for, and can comment on your work ethic, passion for healthcare, etc.
  • A reference who can speak to your character and why you would excel as a PA. This would ideally be from someone in the community who can comment on your character, your goals, etc. Note, references are not an acceptable from family members. 

 What if I have additional questions about the program?

 For answers to other questions, go to the Physician Assistants and Physician Assistant Education website.