Preceptor Program


Preceptor and StudentHave you ever wanted to give back to your profession in a way that would have a long-lasting impact? Have you been a preceptor in the past and would like to participate again? Have you considered being a preceptor before but have questions about the role?

Marquette University Department of Physician Assistant Studies has the perfect opportunity for you - Becoming a PA Student Preceptor! Your generous participation will not only have a lifelong impact on the PA student, but will be greatly personally rewarding with the knowledge that you have had a primary role in mentoring the next generation of PA providers. From 2020 - 2022, Marquette PA has awarded Category 1 CME to a total 107 preceptors, who have given over 1700 hours of their time!

Our PA students rotate in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, and other subspecialty areas. By the time they enter the clinical phase of their training, they have completed 2 years of intensive didactic education to prepare them for the clinical setting. They are intelligent, enthusiastic, and have a lot to offer to your patients and your practice.

Benefits of precepting include a complimentary membership to the Raynor Memorial Library and courtesy appointments as an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies.

If you are interested, please contact the Clinical Team at 414-288-0630 or

Prospective and enrolled Physician Assistant students must not solicit for clerkship sites or preceptors, must not schedule clerkships for themselves, and are not required to provide information on potential clerkship sites or preceptors. The program abides by the Standards (A3.03) of our accrediting body, ARC-PA, that prospective and enrolled students must not be required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors.

2021 Preceptor of the Year

Breanna WentlandBreanna Wentland (Drewek) is an alum of the Class of 2013 and currently practices at GI Associates in Wausau, Wisconsin.






2019 Preceptors of the Year

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad

Dr. Ahmad was nominated by his students, who feel “lucky” to have the chance to learn under his tutelage.  One student shared that he learned more from him than from any other preceptor during his clinical year.  Others have noted how much they value time spent discussing cases and conditions, strengthening their evidence based medicine treatment skills.

Since 2016, Dr. Ahmad has been taking 4-5 students per year under his wing for a 6 week internship in family medicine.  This commitment to teaching future health care providers is so appreciated by the faculty of MU PA. We are not able to prepare students adequately without hands-on community based experiences. 

The MU PA program values the time Dr. Ahmad spends with the students and his value his feedback on students’ professionalism, performance as well as his observations on their growth and opportunities for improvement.

I speak for the faculty of the Physician Assistant Program when I say we are privileged to have Dr. Ahmad on our team. 

Aubrey Grabow, PA-C

2019 Preceptor of the Year, Aubrey Grabow, PA-C

Hello, my name is Kara Winans and it is my pleasure to introduce Aubrey Grabow as the Preceptor of the Year. Aubrey is a Marquette PA graduate from the class of 2004,  who began her career in Pain Management, and soon after transitioned to her current practice as a family medicine PA in Naperville, IL. My classmates, Ruth, Alyssa, and I were lucky enough to complete our family practice rotation with Aubrey during our clinical year, and we can all speak to how deserving she is of this award. Aubrey has been a great teacher and mentor in this past year, and her commitment to patient care inspired each of us. All three of us recalled stories together of  the various ways Aubrey went above and beyond for her patients - from a thorough physical exam that identified an abnormal skin lesion, ultimately diagnosed as a melanoma in a 20 year old girl, to listening and empathizing with a well-established patient whose son had recently passed away from a drug overdose when she initially presented for a classic case of sinusitis. She cared for the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of all of her patients, and each one came in excited to see Aubrey, feeling comfortable and confident their concerns would be heard. They knew she truly cared for their well-being. Not only is Aubrey well-respected by her patients, but also by her colleagues and physicians within the practice. Aubrey makes the PA profession proud each day with her knowledge, compassion for patient-centered care, and her mentorship of us as PA students.  While we may never reach her physical height, we will strive each day to be as compassionate and hard working in our future careers. Please help me in congratulating Aubrey Grabow as the Preceptor of the Year.

2018 Preceptors of the Year

Colleen Woodington, PA-C

Colleen Woodington, PA-CColleen obtained her BS in biology from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN and the graduated from the Marquette University Physician Assistant Program in 2013. Following graduation from Marquette, she practiced pediatrics in central Illinois for 4 years while fulfilling a commitment to the National Health Service Corps. She subsequently returned to Minnesota and joined Northern Lights Pediatrics. She has been a preceptor for Marquette for 3 years and her dedication to both the PA profession and Marquette University has been tremendously impactful for our students.

Testimony: “Mrs. Woodington is an ideal mentor that emanates confidence in her abilities and passion for her patients. True to what we are taught: she treats the whole person, caring for both physical and emotional wellbeing. I can speak to this firsthand as I had the honor of rotating with Mrs. Woodington. She allowed me to be a part of every step of patient care, offering advice and encouragement. My fellow students and I agree that working with her has been one of the highlights of our three year journey. She is kind in her direction and education of students, while challenging us to further explore concepts of pediatric medicine. Mrs. Woodington is an excellent example of a Physician Assistant we should all strive to be. Her practice is an inspiration for us to continue to grow as clinicians and treat all patients with the same kindness she has shown us.”

Robert Gullberg, MD

Robert Gullberg, MDDr. Gullberg is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. He went on to complete a residency in internal medicine at Northwestern Hospital and then a fellowship in infectious disease also at Northwestern University. He currently practices infectious disease at All Saints Hospital in Racine, Wisconsin. He has been precepting Marquette PA students since inception of the program in 1997 and has continued to be a favorite preceptor for his compassion and dedication to teaching.

Testimony: “Dr. Gullberg is known for his patience, dedication to educating students, and encouraging his students to practice autonomously while teaching us every step of the way. Dr. Gullberg‘s patients and students admire his compassion, as he often takes time to pray with his patients and their families. Dr. Gullberg is a large reason why I have chosen to pursue a career in infectious disease and I’m thankful to have had such a wonderful mentor. Marquette’s Physician Assistant Program would not be what it is today with preceptors like Dr. Gullberg. We are very lucky to have him as a preceptor and friend of the program.”