Belize Clinical Rotation

Student Education

Marquette has partnered with Hillside Clinic in Punta Gorda, in the Toledo district of Belize, since 2001. Six to eight students go in groups of four, every spring and fall to work with an interdisciplinary team of health professions students from Marquette, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Madison.

Hillside offers multi-disciplinary, clinical rotations with learning opportunities in a variety of settings for post-graduate students and residents interested in a hands-on practice and learning about health care from a global perspective. You will work in our freestanding primary care clinic, mobile clinics in remote villages, home health care, community education activities, and public health projects.

Experience the Culture

  • Explore local attractions & ancient Mayan ruins
    • Tikal Mayan Ruins
    • Placencia Beach
    • Lime Caye
  • Learn cultural culinary arts
  • Cool off at the waterfall and swimming hole
  • Get some rhythm with Wasara Drumming School

Student Impact

  • Increased confidence
  • Greater appreciation for patient eduction
  • Understanding of cultural differences and approaches to healthcare
  • Deeper critical thinking skills and flexibility
  • Opportunity to work interprofessionally with an underserved population

Marquette Mission

The Hillside Clinic was founded through the leadership and funding of the Catholic church. Currently, it runs on the common mission of service to the community. The goal is to treat every patient to the best of their ability with the resources available.

Students return with a sense of what they can do to positively impact patients locally, based on what they learned in a country with few resources.