Milwaukee Academy of Science (MAS) Outreach

10 PA-2 students (Ashley Kenney, Brittany Lyda, Breanna Olig, Gretchen Nelson, Michelle Horng, Colleen Courtney, Paul Boechler, Nick Graunke, Claire Olejnik, and Sheridan Weir) went to a neighborhood high school, MAS on Friday, March 22nd to introduce the PA career to a group of about 50 high school students (mostly 9th graders) who are interested in future careers in math, science, and health care fields. We presented a presentation about "What is a PA?" and all about what PAs do and the path to becoming a PA, along with a short question/answer session. They did hands-on learning activities about some skills that PAs use to evaluate the health of our patients on a daily basis- we taught the students how to take blood pressures, heart and lung physical exam techniques, auscultation of healthy and unhealthy heart and lung sounds, otoscope exams, and deep tendon reflexes. They are very thankful for Ms. Pusey who invited us into her classroom and for her students for being such an engaged group of students, excited to learn about PAs! A group of PA-1s will also travel to MAS to do similar presentations and activities with more students. We all look forward to growing our relationship between MUPA and MAS in the future! 

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