Red Watch Band

Red Watch Band (RWB)

A bystander intervention program that all first-year residential students complete that teaches students the signs and symptoms of acute intoxication and how to intervene and seek help. Red Watch Band training sessions are offered in the fall semester each academic year. The program is sponsored through a $10,000 Great Plays grant.

The training is four parts: 1) bystander theory, 2) alcohol 101, 3) how to intervene, and 4) scenarios, lasting one hour and presented by wellness and prevention peer educators. Participants receive a red band and t-shirt after completing a training session.

In a situation of acute intoxication remember the following:

Signs of a life-threatening overdose:

  • The individual cannot be woken up
  • The individual gets sick and does not wake up
  • Slow breathing
  • Cold, clammy, or altered skin

Alcohol overdose is a medical emergency and that you should always seek medical/professional help as soon as possible.


Securing medical help:

  • Call 911 or campus police (Emergency: (414) 288-1911)​. Provide accurate information such as location, condition of the individual, name, etc.​
  • Gather, if possible, information about the amount of alcohol consumed by the individual to share with the emergency services personnel​
  • Stay with the person/friend until help arrives


We all have the INSTINCT to do the right thing. As RWB members, YOU have the KNOWLEDGE and COURAGE to act to save a life.