Past Faculty Fellows

IWL has faculty fellows each semester and summer to help progress IWL's mission on campus and in the community.


"Getting involved with a team of powerful, smart, and transformative women is, then, the highlight of the experience for me. I got to contribute to programming that helped me and other faculty to feel connected, understood, and appreciated in the middle of a devastatingly isolating time. Moreover, at IWL, we developed capacity for action as our Faculty Advisory Board advanced recommendations to address gender inequity on campus. Fortunately, this fellowship has been about more than meaningful service. Due to the relationships generated in this space, I’m walking away with a team of collaborators with whom I will engage in interdisciplinary research for years to come."

Summer 2021 Faculty Fellows

deb headshotDebra Oswald 
Debra L. Oswald is a social psychologist and a Professor in the Department of Psychology. She joined Marquette University in 2003, is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology, and teaches classes such as Social Psychology, Psychology of Gender Roles, and Psychology of Prejudice.  Her research and teaching interests focus on stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination with an emphasis on gender-related issues, especially as they intersect with other social identities (sexual orientation, ethnicity etc.) and women’s experiences with sexism.   

Deb is excited to be a faculty fellow in the Institute for Women’s Leadership this summer. This is an exciting opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team and apply her academic and research interests to help develop programming that can support and benefit women on campus.   


lilly campbell headshotLilly Campbell 
Lilly Campbell
 is an Assistant Professor and Director of Foundations Instruction in the English department at Marquette. Her research and teaching focuses on feminist rhetorics, rhetorics of health and medicine, and professional and technical writing. In 2020, she received a Difference Maker award along with Dr. Cedric Burrows for their redesign of Foundations in Rhetoric to focus on antiracism and racial justice. Current research projects include ethnographic research on how students in the health sciences learn embodied communication strategies as well as an interdisciplinary NSF-sponsored project on algorithmic patient care.  

In addition to her personal interest in women’s leadership, Lilly’s research also focuses on how those with historically less power, including women, participate in professional scientific communities. Her work on women’s participation in scientific communication includes an article in Women’s Studies in Communication which unpacks materiality and gendered positioning in news coverage of a female scientist, an analysis of the framing of female healthcare workers in the feminist health pamphlet Our Bodies, Ourselves, and an overview of research on the rhetoric of women scientists forthcoming in the Routledge Handbook on Scientific Communication. She is so excited to be a faculty fellow at the IWL during Summer 2021 and have a chance to work with like-minded colleagues from across campus! 

Spring 2021 Faculty Fellows

Ayleen Cabas MijaresAyleen Cabas-Mijares

Dr. Ayleen Cabas-Mijares is an assistant professor of journalism and media studies at Marquette University. Before coming to the U.S. to pursue her graduate studies, she worked as a reporter and copy editor of a national women’s magazine in Venezuela, her home country. Dr. Cabas-Mijares graduated with a M.S. in Journalism from Ohio University and a doctorate from the Missouri School of Journalism. Her research interests focus on the critical examination of the role of media and journalism in social change. Specifically, Dr. Cabas-Mijares investigates media activism in Latin America and the Latinx diaspora. Cabas-Mijares chose Marquette because Marquette’s focus on moral responsibility and social justice spoke to her own education and ethics as a graduate of a Jesuit school and a critical media scholar.

Amber WichowskyAmber Wichowsky

Amber Wichowsky is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Director of the Marquette Democracy Lab.  Amber’s work on women and politics examines gender differences in political efficacy, public opinion, and political rhetoric. She is also an occasional source for media coverage of electoral and gender politics, including CNN, NPR, Fox News and several local news outlets. Her book, The Economic Other: Inequality in the American Political Imagination (joint with Meghan Condon, Loyola University Chicago) examines how Americans use social comparisons to make sense of economic inequality and how such frames of reference affect attitudes about redistribution and feelings of political power (University of Chicago Press 2020). As an IWL Faculty Fellow, Amber will be working on three gender-related research projects. The first tests how news coverage of women’s gains in political office affect men’s and women’s political attitudes. The second will extend her earlier work on the gender gap in evaluations of the US economy to consider how women and men have reacted to the pandemic recession and to the 2020 presidential election. In her final project, Amber will be analyzing tweets posted by US mayors about COVID-19 to consider gender differences in political communication and policy response.