IWL Alumna Who Launched

Damaris HeadshotDamaris Zita 
Social Media/Website Intern — August 2020 - August 2021

Energetic. Passionate. Sarcastic. Hyper. Driven. Mischievous. Resourceful.

Damaris Zita can claim these characteristics and many more. Damaris is a 2021 graduate from the Diederich College of Communication, who majored in advertising with a minor in graphic design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Zita grew up in a diverse family that promoted cultural education and an open-minded mindset. This inspired her to continue her education into her own culture and expand her knowledge in cultures and peoples from around the globe. She strives towards bettering herself and the people around her and working towards positively impacting women, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities. Her work at IWL reflected that and showcased the beginning of an exciting culturally sensitive and impactful career for her.


Yaidi HeadshotYaidelise Neris 
Intern — xxxx - May 2021

Neris is a graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences, who majored in Biological Sciences with a minor in Culture, Health, and Illness. In her early undergrad career, she struggled trying to figure out which career path was best for her, but she knew she wanted to help others. This instantly led Neris towards the medical field and social work. During her time at Marquette, she participated in leadership events, Hunger Clean-Up, research surrounding domestic violence, as well as worked with individuals needing rehabilitation services. Neris grew into a person who is compassionate, open-minded, and willing to help those who are in need. IWL provided insight on how to help others by being a voice for them and she can not wait to use these skills beyond MU.  


headshot of Natalie MoeNatalie Moe  
Website Intern — October 2020 - May 2021

Natalie Moe is a 2021 graduate from the College of Arts & Sciences, who specialized in writing intensive English and public relations. Moe spent much of her time at Marquette utilizing her writing skills in her classes, internships, leadership experiences, and did similar work for IWL as the first Website Intern. Moe first began her professional career at Marquette at the Ott Memorial Writing Center as a writing tutor. Over the next couple years Moe honed her communications skills through her internships, even working for Marquette's College of Engineering Industry Relations as a Communications Intern, as well as other local Milwaukee organizations. Moe is passionate about working for organizations that look to improve the lives of others, especially those in marginalized groups. This made IWL a perfect fit for Moe as she saw the important work IWL does to give women new opportunities and educate them on becoming leaders in the workforce.  Check out Natalie's LinkedIn to see what she is up to now!


Sasha Parsons WatersSasha Parsons Waters
Women's Innovation Network Coordinator — June 2017 - January 2021

Sasha Parsons Waters is a Human Resources Professional specializing in advancing women and other underrepresented groups by building leadership development programs, driving cultural change in organizations, and increasing inclusion. She established the structure for the Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) and served on the leadership team of the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL), as a Co-chair for The Women of Marquette Employee Resource Group, and a member of the campus Equity & Inclusion Committee.  Check out Sasha's Linkedin to see what she is up to now!


Jean GrowDr. Jean Grow 
Co-Director — Retired from Marquette: December 31, 2020

Dr. Jean Grow joined Marquette in 2000. She served as chair of both The Department of Strategic Communication and The Faculty Committee on Diversity and Equity and was director of the University Fine Arts Program. Her research interests are the underrepresentation of women in creative departments and the lack of diversity across the advertising industry. She has interviewed women from more than eight countries and spoken around the world: at the 3% Conference in San Francisco (2012) and London (2015); and delivered the keynotes in Hong Kong (2017), Amsterdam (2018) and Valdiva, Chile (2019). Dr. Grow has been published widely in leading academic journals and co-authored the bestselling textbook on advertising creativity, Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy and Design (Sage). Grow came from the advertising industry and continues to consult with clients such as Flamingo International/London and Nike. Check out Dr. Jean Grow's LinkedIn to see what she is up to now!


Esabeau Neale imageEsabeau Neale
Intern — February 2020 - May 2020 

Esabeau Neale studied at the Diederich College of Communication, majoring in public relations with a minor in advertising. Neale had worked in social media and branding for almost a year through a digital media internship with Marquette Athletics and her position at the IWL. She had also dipped her toes into design, with her logo being chosen by the Next Step Clinic, the recipient of the first Marquette President’s Challenge Award. Neale’s passion lies within creating a better future for women, like herself, entering an industry known for inequality and inequity. Ensuring that all women, and others who are underrepresented, have a voice, presence and place within the working world is an extremely important aspect of her work with IWL. Carving an extensive, welcoming and fearless path for others and opening the conversation surrounding women’s leadership is her No. 1 goal. Check out Esabeau's Linkedin to see what she is up to now!

Kristen Carter ImageKristen Carter
WIN Intern — January 2019 - April 2020

Carter majored in Advertising and Digital Media at Marquette. As a college student, she was fascinated by the art of storytelling and composing my own narrative through digital content creation. During her time at Marquette, she was a contributing blog writer for the Odyssey, a national writing platform for all college students across the nation. In addition to that, she was a content writer for Impressions of Beauty, a company that connects multicultural college women to beauty brands they love. As a young black woman at a predominantly white institution, Carter made it her goal to get involved in the black community and to be apart of creating new programs and initiatives for black students to feel welcomed Marquette. Carter helped to launch the club "CampusCurlz," which is a group that celebrates natural hair. In addition, shed helped launch and co lead a Black Christian Ministry group on campus that served as a safe space for black believers to work on developing stronger personal relationships with God. During her time at Marquette, Carter was ecstatic to be apart of the change at Marquette for promoting all things concerning diversity and inclusion. With her IWL internship, she learned how to effectively advertise and promote IWL events to the student. Check out Kristen's Linkedin to see what she is up to now!