Check out photos and video playback of our events below!  Featured events include IWL's Women & Money Series, Pay Equity Series, and Suffrage and Innovation 2020 Conference.

Women & Money Series Playback

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Women & Capital Investments | September 30, 2021


Pay Equity Series Playback

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Paycheck Fairness and Equity Audits | February 16, 2021


The Impact of Subminimum Wage | March 16, 2021


Paid Family and Medical Leave | April 20, 2021


Suffrage and Innovation 2020 Playback

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Keynote Address: Achieving Suffrage by Mary C. Kelley


Conversations on Women and the Foundations of Civic Engagement


Looking Back: Women's Suffrage and American Politics


Looking Forward: Women Voters and American Politics


Votes for Inventive Women! Why Suffragists Cared About Women Inventors.


How the Women of Milwaukee Will Choose the Next President


The Economic Other: Class and Gender in the New Gilded Age



Women, Girls, and Intellectual Empowerment: A Book Discussion