IWL's research focuses on advancing its mission of furthering women's leadership locally and globally. IWL continues to promote its mission both through research and by providing awards to individual's whose research aligns with IWL's purpose. You can browse research done by IWL members via the e-publications database.

E-publications map

Pictured above is a map depicting where Institute for Women's Leadership scholar's research has been downloaded across the world.


2021 Interdisciplinary Summer Grants Application Announced

The Institute for Women’s Leadership invites applications for this year’s 2021 Interdisciplinary Summer Grant program. Through this grant program, IWL helps to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations across the Marquette University community that furthers our understanding of gender and sex.

Full Application Details

2021 IWl Interdisciplinary Summer Grant Application Cover Page Template

Please note that applications need to be submitted electronically, rather than by hard copy, to jennica.webster@marquette.edu.  Further instructions are included in the application guidelines.

The deadline for applications is Friday, March 5, 2021, by 4 p.m.  Awards will be announced by late April.


IWL Research Mini-Grants

Institute for Women's Leadership is currently offering mini-grants for research. The IWL Mini-Grants will offer up to $1,000 to individuals who need funds for academic advancement reasons involving the research of gender or sex.