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IWL SHINES on Alexis Ruffi’s Research on Community Health and Health Equity


Feb 10, 2021: Alexis Ruffi is a senior in Marquette’s College of Nursing, where she started in the Direct Entry MSN program in August 2020. She works with Dr. Kim Whitmore on collaborative research into community health and health equity.



Learn more about Alexis's research by clicking HERE.



About IWL SHINES: An Inclusive Research Spotlight Series

Academic research is traditionally conceived as being conducted exclusively, or nearly so, by tenure stream faculty; however, our contemporary academic landscape is changing in this regard. Important research is being conducted across university campuses, including Marquette’s, by a wide variety of scholars and experts--tenure-stream, yes, and also participating faculty of all ranks, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff. The IWL SHINES series aims to shine a light on research being conducted across campus by members of all those groups.

This series, hosted through the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Marquette, pays special attention to research conducted by women and nonbinary people in all academic fields and non-academic units on campus as well as to all research conducted on gender-related issues. The series also has a special interest in profiling collaborative research projects, especially across categories (e.g., undergraduate students working with faculty, graduate students working with community partners, collaborations with faculty and students at other universities, etc.). Finally, the series understands “research” broadly to include public-facing scholarship, digital projects, and more. IWL SHINES believes in making research conducted in all areas and units at Marquette visible.


IWL SHINES Research Spotlights:


Kiesha Martin HeadshotDec 15, 2021: IWL SHINES on Kiesha Martin’s Research on Linguistic Identity and How to Change DEI Initiatives in Higher Education



Learn more about Kiesha's research by clicking HERE.


maggie n headshot

December 7, 2021: Maggie Nettesheim Hoffmann’s Research into the History of Philanthropy and How to Transform Graduate Training in the Humanities

Learn more about Maggie's Research by clicking HERE.





vlada pic

November 8, 2021: Vlada Snyder and IWL SHINES on Research to Support Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Their Workplaces



Read more about Vlada's research by clicking HERE.


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