Time to Rise is a program which support the students, faculty, campus and community of Marquette University. The Center for the Advancement of the Humanities is committed to developing, enhancing, and disseminating new approaches to the humanities, as well as going beyond traditional boundaries in emphasizing collaboration and interdisciplinarity across Marquette University and the community.


Giving Stories

Marquette’s Center for the Advancement of the Humanities helps students explore perennial life questions about what it means to live well as a human being and engage in meaningful research opportunities alongside our exceptional teacher-scholars. Through research, lecture series, and embedded student internships and storytelling experiences, we help catalyze these important explorations by applying them to the present circumstances we face in society.

For the event at Founders Society, Dr. Andrew Kim who is the director of Marquette’s Center for the Advancement of the Humanities within the Klingler College of Arts & Sciences as well as an associate professor of Theology, joined for the talk which provided a glimpse of how the Marquette commuinty's generosity is inspiring humanities students and programming at Marquette.

During his talk he stated, "As faculty, we’re privileged to accompany our students on their educational journeys in a way that meets them where they're at as persons, going above and beyond what’s happening in the classroom."

Recently, Nikita Deep, Arts '21, shared her Marquette story at Founders Society. When sharing her story, she stated, "I remember when I was looking for colleges, I was searching for that institution that accommodated my ever-changing interests and provided me a smaller space in which to discern my path, and I found it here.".

Furthermore, "Marquette sends advocates and go-getters, Marquette dispatches change-makers and trend-setters, to set the world on fire and be the difference." 

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