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Alumni Reunion Weekend

The Golden Eagle Battalion plans to host an Open House during Marquette University's Alumni Reunion Weekend. Keep an eye out for more details soon.

Alumni stories

  • Alumni Photo Album added to Flickr!

  • 1LT Patrick Kummerer sends a special message to the Golden Eagles Men's Basketball team as they head to the Sweet Sixteen.

  • 1LT Anthony Huebner and 1LT Stephanie Thompson welcomed home with a special wedding blessing. They received a special surprise from Operation Welcome You Home and the wedding party was escorted by  Warriors Watch Riders. Find out more about Operation Welcome You Home.

  • Five Army ROTC Alumni inducted on to the Wall of Honor: Colonel Gerald E. Clark, Jr., Class of 1966, Captain Neil G. Reuter, Class of 1959, Captain George Steinberg, UWM Class of 1963, Captain James E. Wenzel, Class of 1954, First Lieutenant Richard H. Fox, Class of 1967.
  • Two Golden Eagle Battalion Alumni are honored at UW-Milwaukee vs MarquetteGolden Eagle Battalion Cadets, Cadre, and Alumni from both Marquette and UWM were present for the game. Army ROTC provided the Color Guard and special game ball presentation. Cadets and Cadre were available to answer questions about the Golden Eagle Battalion and Army ROTC at information tables and a tactical HMMWV was on display throughout the game.

  • 1LT AJ Morris building bunkers in Afghanistan

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    On February 12th 2010, Alpha Battery (A BTRY) 3-17th Field Artillery Battalion (FA BN) came to the 60th Engineer Company and discussed the possibility of constructing an underground bunker  adjacent to their gun line.  The purpose of this bunker was to house Soldiers who were on duty for fire missions, protect them in the event of an indirect fire attack and give them a short distance to traverse in order to fire counter-battery missions.  This project was requested directly by the 3-17th FA BN Commander and was designated as a project that needed to be completed immediately.  An underground bunker was the ideal solution for this project because a low profile structure was needed to allow the gun to traverse low angles based on the fire mission.  Although there was no construction directive cut initially for this project, 2nd platoon was between construction projects, and 3-17th FA BN was supplying their own building materials, they were designated to complete this construction mission.

    SSG Eric Placencio, 1st squad leader for 2nd platoon, was assigned as the project manager for this project while 1LT Alan Morris, 2nd platoon leader, was responsible for the design of the structure and ensuring its structural integrity.  SSG Placencio, SPC Gary Johnson, and SPC Lucas Ellenberger were integral to the design process by adding input during the design process.  The most critical step of the design process was determining the required strength to support the roof of the structure, estimated to weigh nearly 50 tons under the worst weather conditions.  Based on several calculations from 1LT Morris and input from both of 60th EN CO’s warrant officers, WO1 Papa Kone and WO1 Cipriano Trujillo, they determined that using steel pipe as girders would work as the support system for the roof structure.

    Due to the extremely close proximity of the 155 mm guns with the bunker, special reinforcement was required in order to withstand the constant overpressure of artillery fire.  These modifications included using screws instead of nails in key locations as well as constructing the entire bunker using 2”x12” lumber and ¾” plywood.  HESCO bastions were used to retain the soil on the perimeter of the excavation as well as retain the overhead cover.  This load was suspended by 2”x12” girders and 10 ¾” diameter steel pipe.  Steel pipe was selected because it was not needed for any other projects on the FOB and because it was the strongest material that was readily available.  Ideally steel I-beams would have been preferred, but due to the urgency of the project there wasn’t time to wait for the materials to arrive in theater.

    The finished bunker includes climate control, interior lighting, and electrical outlets.  The drainage for the structure includes a sloped gravel base, gravel drainage barriers between the HESCOs and bunker walls, a sheet metal base, and silicone epoxy as a sealant.  These drainage structures lead to a French drain beneath the steps with the potential for a sump to be added later once one is procured.

  • Marquette University Army ROTC Alumni take Command at Fort Bragg. Three Marquette ROTC alumni, and former Marquette Ranger Challenge teammates, stop for a pose with old friends at a change of command ceremony in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. All three men are currently stationed at Fort Bragg. They are Captain James Wiltse, Bravo Company Commander, 1-325 AIR; Captain James McCabe, Civil Affairs; and Captain Scott Hinz, Charlie Company Commander, 1-325 AIR. Wiltse and Hinz constitute two of the six company commander positions in the 1-325 Airborne Battalion.
  • 2LT Ben Butler in Iraq. 2LT Ben Butler is a December 2002 graduate of Marquette University Army ROTC. He is assigned to the 1-4 Cavalry out of Germany, as a Cavalry Platoon Leader. 2LT Butler is one of a dozen alumni that the Golden Eagle Battalion has on the ground in Iraq.

  • 1LT Miller and CPT Meidl in Balad, Iraq

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    It doesn’t take long once you’ve arrived in Iraq to realize just how powerful the American military is. Just minutes after stepping off the plane in late October I was amazed at the incredible scale of our operation here in this country. LSA Anaconda, located just outside the Iraqi town of Balad, has become the logistical hub of all military operations in the Iraqi theater. Living there is, considering the alternatives, comfortable. While units spending most of their time working behind the post’s protective wire rarely get out and see our military’s full might in action and witness boots being put to ground, we do have plenty of opportunities to see a multitude of weapons systems, equipment, and foreign forces as they depart the friendly confines of LSA Anaconda on their way to the Global War on Terrorism’s front lines. Dozens of Air Force sorties are launched on a daily basis and the air space dedicated to rotary wing aircraft is constantly buzzing with the sounds of helicopters preparing to deploy Soldiers on air assault missions or provide close air support for vehicle convoy’s leaving through the gates. The sounds of Air Force fighters taking off, helicopters revving up, and generators humming as they strain to support this logistical beehive are constant and I can only imagine how intimidating it is. Ridiculously up-armored Humvees are in abundance when they’re not out protecting convoys and troops of Bradley Fighting Vehicles can be seen patrolling the perimeter occasionally. Seeing these things on a daily basis really lets you see behind the headlines and to be a part of such an awe-inspiring operation is sobering. These sights are true indicators of the U.S.’s dedication to setting the Iraqi government and its military up for success.

  • More Alumni Updates

    More Alumni Updates

    This page is dedicated to those Alumni of Marquette University Army ROTC program. Many have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. If you are an alumnus/a and wish to be included on this page, please email us.

    Update from Iraq

    An impromptu Marquette ROTC reunion took place in Taji, Iraq in 2007. The Marquette alumni dinner was held at the Taji dining Facility.

    The 5 attendees were CPT Eric Jnah-2nd IN DIV (Stryker), CPT Eric Marple-1st CAV DIV, 1LT Tiffany Bilderback-2d Stryker Cav Regiment, CPT Karyn Vondracheck-1st CAV DIV and CPT Kevin Hayes-MITT-1st IN DIV.

    Update from the Class of 1973

    LTC Mike Bunting started in the Army by joining the Marquette ROTC Warrior Battalion as a freshman in 1969. After a full career including battery and battalion commands, service in Germany, Korea, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and South Carolina, he was retired in 2001.

    In 2009, LTC Bunting was recalled to active duty and is currently serving with Headquarters, 3rd Army/ARCENT at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

    Change of Command - Class of 1985

    COL Mark Mitchell's Change of Command Reception was recently held at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on Aug. 14, 2009.

    Fr. William J. Blazek, S.J., MD, a regent continuing his formation, currently studying theology in Boston and serves as member of the Defense Health Board.

    Jim Palmersheim - Class of 1985

    Recently, the Commander of the 5th Special Forces Group, Colonel Mark Mitchell, MU '87, submitted the e-mail below to the Golden Eagle Battalion:

    I hope this finds all well. I had the great pleasure of spending Saturday night with Jim Palmersheim, MU '85. Jim is the Director of Veteran's Initiatives for American Airlines and is doing a lot of great work with the USO and the Snowball Express.

    FYI, Snowball Express is a charity for children of service members killed on active duty since 9/11. It was really great to see Jim and to reconnect after many years. If you are traveling through Dallas, be sure to look him up and thank him for the fantastic work he is doing on behalf of all who serve, but most especially for the children of the fallen.

    As an added bonus, Jim brought along his friend Gary Sinise who also does a lot of work with the USO as the leader of the LT. Dan Band. Along with numerous Gold Star Families from 5th SFG(A), 160th SOAR, and the 101st, we were treated to a special screening of a documentary called "For the Common Good: The Lt. Dan Band." It detailed the great work that Gary Sinise and his band have performed by entertaining the troops, both in combat zones and here at home. At any rate, Gary seemed please to have finally made it big by linking up with Jim Palmersheim. I have attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Please pass them along to other MU AROTC grads that I might have missed.

    Kevin Lovell, MAJ - Class of 1994

    MAJ Lovell was recently assigned to the Omaha District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Fort Carson Resident Office. He most recently completed a 2 year tour with the 2d Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division where he served as the Brigade Engineer with service at Fort Carson, Co., and Diwaniyah and Basra, Iraq. This is MAJ Lovell's second tour with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, previously serving with the Fort Drum Program Office, New York District, and the Afghanistan Engineer District in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2005.

    MAJ Lovell served as a platoon leader during Operation Joint Guardian for 9 months in 1997, as a company commander during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF-1) for 9 months as part of the initial entry force package into Uzbekistan and Bagram Afghanistan during 2001-2002, as a Program Manager, USACE during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2005, and Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF 08-10) from 2008-2009.

    He is an engineer branched Officer in the MFE career field with experience in the mechanized, combat heavy (construction) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers communities.

    Jim Schreiner, MAJ - Class of 1995

    MAJ Jim Schreiner has recently been selected to serve as an instructor in the Department of Systems Engineering at the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point.

    MAJ Schreiner's operational experience includes a deployment to Korea for 12 months during 2000. He served as a company commander during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF-1) for 6 months in Kuwait/Afghanistan during 2001-2002 and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF-1) during 2003.

    MAJ Schreiner also served OEF joint time at CFC-A in Kabul for 12 months in 2005 and served 14 months in Iraq during the surge from 2007-2008.

    He is an engineer branched Officer and is in the operational MFE career field. MAJ Schreiner has experience in the Mechanized and Airborne Engineer communities.

    MAJ Schreiner's parents still reside in IL where he grew up near the North-West side of Chicago.

    Matthew Dawson, CPT - Class of 2000

    After graduation from Marquette, Matthew served as rifle PL, mortar PL, CO XO in 1-503d IN (AASLT) from 2001-2003; served as CO XO, scout PL, AS3 in 3-15 IN out of Ft. Stewart from 2003-2006, where he deployed to OIF. He then served as AS3 in 4-31 IN from 2006-2007 and is currently commanding B/4-31 IN in Ft. Drum, NY. He has recently returned from his second OIF deployment.

    Awards include: Airborne, AASLT, EIB, CIB.

    Jay Wilson, CPT - Class of 2000

    Jay began his military career in Aug. 1995 when he enlisted and became part of Army Reserve 1151st Transportation Company, Locomotive Railway Crew Member MOS 88U. In Nov. 1997, he transferred to Wisconsin Army National Guard, A Battery 1-126th Field Artillery, Canon Crew Member MOS 13B. By Dec 2000 he commissioned as 2LT, Wisconsin Army National Guard Branch Field Artillery 13A, B Battery 1-126th Field Artillery, Battery Fire Directional Officer, FDO.

    He was deployed Sept. 2002 as a 1LT, part of 18th Airborne Corps G3 Information Management Officer Operation Enduring Freedom. In Aug.2003 as 1LT, he joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard, B Battery 1-126th Field Artillery, Platoon Leader. 2004 Deployment 1LT, 1st Calvary Division, 256 BCT Operation Iraqi Freedom Executive Officer. In Dec 2005 he was promoted to CPT, and was with the Wisconsin Army National Guard HHB1-126th Field Artillery. BN Fire Direction Officer, BN S2. He was deployed again in Feb. 2007 as a CPT, with the 218th BCT, 163rd LTF Operation Enduring Freedom, Operations Officer, A Company Commander.

    His Military Awards include: BSM, 2 ARCOM, 3 AAM, 2 RCAM, NDSM w/ star device, Afghan Campaign, Iraqi Campaign, GWOTSM, AFRM w/ 3 M device, NATO Medal.

    Shane Eaton, CPT - Class of 2001

    After she graduated from MU, CPT Eaton worked at Basic Camp at Ft Knox, KY and then headed to OBC in San Antonio, TX (Medical Service Corps Officer) and graduated in Sept. 2002.

    CPT Eaton was stationed in Dexheim Germany from Sept. 2002-Aug. 2004 with the 1st Armored Division where she was an ambulance platoon leader and a company XO. She deployed to Iraq from May 2003 - Jul. 2004.

    After redeployment, she was stationed in Livorno, Italy from Sept. 2004 - Oct. 2006 where she worked as an XO of a health clinic. CPT Eaton got out of the Army as a Captain and ETSed from Italy. From Jan. 2007 to Aug. 2007 she worked as a Federal Employee at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. in Orthopedic Surgery. Currently she is a law student at Drexel University with a concentration in Health Care and Elder law.

    Greg Shipper, CPT - Class of 2002

    CPT Shipper returned in April 2008 from his second combat deployment to Iraq, where he was assigned as a MiTT advisor to the 1-5-2 National Police Battalion (2007-2008). Currently, Greg is serving as the "Blacksheep" Battery Commander, 2-77 FA, 4/4ID(L) at Fort Carson, CO. His previous assignments include BN FSO 1-12IN,4/4ID(L) (2008), Battery XO and PL for A/2-82FA (2004-2007), and B/2-7CAV FSO and BN Targeting Officer (2003-2004), 1CD, Fort Hood, TX.

    His awards include: ARCOM (2OLC), AAM (2OLC), NDSM, ICM, GWOTE, GWOTS, CAB, and Basic Airborne Badge.

    Greg and his wife, Karla, are expecting their first son in Feb. 2009.

    He is currently preparing for his third combat deployment to Afghanistan in the spring of 2009.

    Joseph M. Dutner, CPT - Class of 2002

    After his commissioning in 2002, Joseph earned his DMD at Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA. His first active duty assignment was a residency in the Army's Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at Fort Benning, GA. He is currently assigned to the Bavaria DENTAC in USAG Grafenwoehr in Germany. Together with his wife Jackie, the married couple have a 14 month old daughter named Janelle and welcomed their son Joshua on Oct. 23, 2007.

    Kevin Hayes, CPT - Class of 2002

    Kevin graduated in Dec. 2002, and from there went to FAOBC at FT. Sill, then down to Ft. Polk and was a part of 2ACR. From there, he deployed to OIF 1 at Camp Wareagle, now Camp Hope outside of Sadr City, and was a Fire Direction Officer for 6 Months then a Fire Support Officer for 5 months.

    He redeployed in Jul. 2004. When 2ACR went to Ft. Lewis, he stayed and became a Platoon Leader for 105mm in 5-25 FA, 10th MTN DIV, and was there as a Platoon Leader till 2006. Then he became an AS3 for 2 months. After, he went to Ft. Riley and became part of a MiTT, deployed in April 2007 and is currently awaiting his return to the United States. CPT Hayes got engaged in Feb. 2006 to Brittany Joy Mavity who graduated May of 2006 from Marquette Nursing and is working in Chicago.

    Matthew Neurerer, CPT - Class of 2002

    Matthew began as a Gold Bar Recruiter from May - Aug. 2002. He went to Fort Eustis for Transportation OBC Aug. - Dec. When he got to Fort Lewis in Jan. 2003, he became Platoon Leader of 2nd Platoon, 40th Transportation Company. He then deployed to Kuwait March 3rd 2003, and participated in the invasion of Iraq. He was attached to 3rd ID for the first part of the invasion and ended up supporting the 101st later on. Finally he got to Mosul around May 1st and stayed there until around February 1st.

    While there his unit performed mostly direct support and some general support fuel transportation missions. He redeployed to Fort Lewis mid February 2004, by this time he was a 1LT. He then stayed with 40th and became XO in Aug. 2004. He deployed a second time Jan. 3, 2005, again with 40th. This time his unit went to a place called Q-West, which is about 40 miles south of Mosul. He was moved to the battalion staff in March where he functioned as the S4 until they redeployed in Dec. 2005. Upon redeploying he rejoined his battalion and was in the SPO shop until he left active duty in May 2006.

    His awards include - BSM, 2 ARCOM, AAM, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorist Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Meal. Upon leaving active duty Matthew got married to Amy Gaudion. He started working as an analyst at Safeco Insurance Company and moved to Seattle.

    In Jun. 2007 he bought a house north of Seattle with his wife and switched jobs and now works as a financial analyst at He is in his second year the MBA program at University of Washington and will graduate in 2009. He is now a CPT and is in the Washington National Guard headquarters in the G4 office as "Transportation Coordinator".

    Justin Jurasz, CPT - Class of 2003

    Commissioned: May 2003
    Branch: Air Defense

    Assignments: Jun. - October 2003 (Ft. Bliss, TX. Air Defense OBC), Dec. - October 2004 (Mc Cully Barracks, Germany. 1-4 ADA, 1AD),

    Deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. Jan. - April 2004. ICDC (Iraqi Civil Defense Corps), October 2004 - Jul. 2005 (1-44 AMD, Ft. Hood, TX. 4ID. Sentinel PL), Jul. 2005 - February 2006 (1-44 AMD, Ft. Bliss, TX. 11th BDE Sentinel PL), February 2006 - Jun. 2006 (1-44 AMD, Ft. Bliss, TX. HHB XO), Jul. 2006 - October 2006 (1-44 AMD, Ft. Bliss, TX. BN S-4), November 2006 - April 2007 (Ft. Bliss, TX. Captain's Career Course), Jun. 2007 - Jul. 2007 (Ft. Bliss, TX. 11th BDE S-3),

    Currently: Chicago, IL. DePaul University ROTC APMS
    Family: married on 01 Jul. 2005 to Jessica. Together, they have an 8-year old son.

    Tiffany Bilderback, 1LT - Class of 2005

    Tiffany graduated OBC on 06DEC and moved to Fort Lewis, WA, where she was assigned as the medical Officer for the 2nd Battalion, 8th Field Artillery, part of the 1-25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Then in May 2006 she moved to Vilseck, Germany, as the entire brigade reflagged and became the 2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment. Her battalion was renamed to the Fires Squadron. She stayed the Medical Officer for the next year. Then she became the Squadron S1 and Adjutant on May 15, 2007. Then on Aug.12 2007 she deployed to Camp Taji, Iraq.

    Mark Boedecker, 1LT - Class of 2005

    Mark is currently a Platoon Leader stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. He is married and has two little girls Claire and Emily, with another on the way. He went to the SOBC at Fort Gordon, GA after graduation and was stationed at Fort Stewart. When he arrived he was assigned as the Division Support Brigade, BTB S-6. He served in that position for about 7 months and was then given a Network Extension Platoon in the newly formed A Co (signal), BTB, 3SB . He still hold this position. His unit is currently deployed to Q-West, Iraq.

    Bryan French, 1LT - Class of 2005

    Bryan graduated and commissioned from Marquette in May 2005 with a BS in Biomedical Sciences. He commissioned a Medical Service Corps Officer and following graduation went to serve at the LDP sight at FT Knox. Following that he went to MSOBC at Ft Sam Houston from Jul. to September 2005. Following MSOBC he received orders to Fires BDE, 4ID at Ft Hood, TX, and immediately after, deployment orders for Iraq.

    He served in OIF 05-07 at Camp Liberty as a medical platoon leader and BDE medical planner. He got the opportunity to work at CMOCs, MEDCAP missions, detainee OPs and a variety of other jobs. He re-deployed to FT Hood in November 2006 and immediately requested transfer to 1-10 CAV, 2/4 ID. After moving units, he earned my EFMB at Ft Hood, and then immediately PCSed to FT Carson, CO. He is currently the SQDN MEDO, and S3 Plans. He awaits another deployment this year.

    Kelly Sledgister, 1LT - Class of 2005

    After graduating from MU Kelly went on to Quartermaster OBC at Fort Lee, VA for a few months then started at her first duty station in October 2005. She ended up on rear detachment for the 3d Brigade Support Battalion at Fort Stewart, GA for about five months. She went through Individual Readiness Training and became the redeployment OIC and redeployed her Battalion. In March, 2006 she was assigned as a Water and Fuel Platoon Leader in a distribution Company.

    She spent nine months with her Platoon preparing for deployment to OIF V. She deployed to Camp Al Taqaddum, Iraq in Jan. 2007. There, she was the primary Combat Logistic Patrol OIC for about six months. In the beginning of September 2007 she was assigned as the Company XO in a Forward Support Company in 1-41 Field Artillery Battalion and moved to Camp Ramadi, Iraq. She is expected back in the states sometime in April 2008 when she will continue to be XO.

    Daniel Ferraro, 2LT - Class of 2006

    After BOLC II, he went to armor Officer course at Fort Knox. After that, he went to the scout leaders course at Fort Knox. His first duty station was in Vilseck, Germany with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. He is currently a Platoon Leader deployed in Baghdad, Iraq and am scheduled to be there until Nov. 2008. He is in Palehorse Troop in the 4th (RSTA) Squadron with 4 RV Stryker vehicles and about 20 personnel.

    John Hartrich, CPT - Class of 2006

    CPT Hartrich Graduated from Marquette in 2006 with a degree in criminology and law studies and was commissioned as a 2LT in the Quartermaster Corps. He completed BOLC II and BOLC III and was assigned as the Maintenance Control Officer for Alpha Forward Support Company, 702nd Brigade Support Battalion, Camp Castle, Korea from Nov. 06 until Dec. 07.

    CPT Hartrich returned to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell and was assigned to Echo Company, 6TH Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom IX as the Fuel and Ammunition Platoon Leader, and re-deployed in Jan. 09.

    CPT Hartrich took command of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment in JUN 09 and is currently slated to deploy again to Afghanistan early next year.

    His decorations include the Army Commendation Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terror Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Service Medal with 1 Bronze Service Star, the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, and the International Security Assistance Force Medal, the Air Assault Badge, and the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Gold Award.

    CPT Hartrich is Married to the former Miss Mira Ko and is the Son of Robert (Class of 78) and Mary Hartrich.

    James McCabe, 1LT - Class of 2006

    After graduating from Marquette University, James got married to his wife Kristin. He attended BOLC II and III at Fort Sill then moved on to Fort Bragg, NC. He arrived to 1 BCT, 82d Airborne was there barely a month and went down to JRTC at Ft. Polk, LA for a month. He did some more training and refitting got a few jumps in and earned his German jump wings. He then deployed to Iraq in Jun. 2007 and has since, returned.

    Sarah McInerny, 1LT - Class of 2006

    Upon graduating with a bachelor of arts in political science and philosophy, she drove down to Fort Bragg, North Carolina and was married on Jun. 2, 2006 to now 1LT John McInerney (AN). After graduating BOLC II & III, she headed down to Fort Benning, Georgia for the Basic Airborne Course. After Airborne school, she headed back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She spent about 4 weeks at Fort Bragg, and then deployed to Bagram Afghanistan on Jan. 26, 2007 and has now returned to Fort Bragg.

    She is assigned to the 82d Combat Aviation Brigade. She started out as the Assistant Brigade S-4 in the Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company. On 1 Jul. 2007, she moved from Brigade HHC to Alpha Company, 122 Aviation Support Battalion as a Fuel Platoon Leader, which is the job she holds now. Her awards include the Army Service Ribbon, the Department of Defense Service Ribbon, the Global War on Terrorism Ribbon, the NATO medal, the Army Commendation medal, the German Physical Proficiency Badge (Silver) and the Basic Parachutist Badge.

    John McInerny 1LT - Class of 2006

    Currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC and is working at Womac Army Medical Center.

    Kyle Moore, 1LT - Class of 2006

    • BOLC II @ Ft. Sill in Jun.-Jul. '06
    • BOLC III (EN) @ Leonard-Wood Jul.-Nov. '06
    • Mech Leader's course @ Ft. Benning Nov.-Dec '06 PCS TO Ft. Riley Dec. '06
    • Deployed to Iraq Feb. '07.
    • PL conducting route clearance in Salah al Din and Ninewah provinces from Feb.-Dec '07.
    • Redeploy to Ft. Riley Dec. '07
    • Now married to Rebecca Schmitt (MU '07).
    • Awards: Combat Action Badge, Airborne Badge, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal & Overseas Medal, Army Service, National Defence Service, and Global War on Terror Domestic Service ribbons.
    • Competes in Best Sapper 2010, read about it in The NCO Journal

    Nicholas Zuck, CPT - Class of 2006

    CPT Zuck graduated from Marquette university with a bachelor of science in biomedical sciences. He earned his commission through Marquette University and was branched into the Signal Corps in May of 2006.

    CPT Zuck served as the Executive Officer for Alpha Company, 51st Signal Battalion (Expeditionary). During his time as the XO, he was tasked to transform 51st SB(E) from a Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Company to an Expeditionary Signal Company.

    In Jan. 2008 Nick took on the position of platoon leader for 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 51st SB(E). During his time as PL, he and his PLT fielded the newest of communication equipment which consisted of a Joint Network Node, 5 Command Post Nodes, and 1 Phoenix Satellite terminal. Nick is currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom 08-09. He is personally responsible for the help desk operations at one major forward operating base providing strategic communications to both Multi-National Corps-Iraq enablers as well as the DCG for Multination Division North. His platoon area of operations covered more than 42,000 square miles and had all six of his communications teams in system in support of both Multi-National Division North and Multi-National Division Baghdad. His military education includes the Basic Officer's Leaders Course II and Signal Basic Officer's Leaders Course.

    His awards and decorations include the Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Overseas Service Ribbon, and the Army Service Ribbon.

    Cheryl Graycarek, 1LT - Class of 2007

    Cheryl is the Evacuation Platoon Leader assign to 132nd BSB C (Med) Company in the Wisconsin National Guard. Following commissioning in May 2007, 2LT Graycarek served as a Gold Bar Recruiter at the Golden Eagle Battalion where she earned the Army Achievement Medal. 2LT Graycarek graduated from AMEDD Officer Basic Leadership Course in Dec. 2007. In Aug. 2008, 2LT Graycarek married Mr. Daniel Shefchik. The couple will reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where both are working towards earning a graduate degrees.

    1LT Shefchik was recognized during Medical Service Corps Junior Officer Week.

    Andrew Mark, 2LT - Class of 2007

    Andrew graduated BOLC II at Ft. Sill and FABOLC III also at Ft. Sill. He is assigned to the 2d BDE, 101st Airborne (AASLT) awaits deployment to Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Eric Nilsen, 1LT - Class of 2007

    Marquette University and Golden Eagle Battalion alumnus, 1LT Eric Nilsen, was present as the last combat troops crossed the board from Iraq into Kuwait on Aug. 18, 2010. 1LT Nilsen is assigned to the 249th Quartermaster Company, currently attached to 2nd Battalion 402nd Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB).

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