Incoming Cadet Orientation

Incoming Cadet Orientation kicks off the start of the year for the Golden Eagle Battalion. Cadets are taught how to wear uniforms, basic soldiering skills while enjoying other fun activities with fellow cadets.

Incoming Cadet Orientation Schedule

1. ICO is 20-22 August 2018 on the Marquette University (MU) campus. The purpose of ICO is develop teamwork, introduce Cadets to leadership and small group dynamics, and complete all administrative actions so freshmen Cadets can participate in new student activities at their respective universities and be able to focus on establishing a strong academic foundation in the first academic semester. My recommendation is to print this out and highlight key information as it pertains to you and your academic school. Below is an outline of times, activities, and requirements:

a. Monday, 20 August 2018
0800: Welcome Brief for incoming Cadets and parents will be at Marquette University in the Emory Clark Building Room 111; view the MU/ROTC Parking Map. 1030-1130: Move-in to ICO temporary hall (Schroeder Hall) then Cadets move personal items to permanent rooms at respective college/university. Schedule this time to move into your permanent dorm [see below paragraph 1.d(1)]. 1030-1200: BBQ lunch (Parents & siblings welcome at BBQ) at Army ROTC building (Marquette Gymnasium)… Parents and families say goodbye to the Cadets. RSVP with total number of people attending to include yourself no later than 30 July. Please email Mr. Sotolongo if there is a need to have alternate food options because of diet choice or allergies. Click here to RSVP via Event Brite; the password is GEB.
1200- Until Complete (UTC): Team Building / Leadership Reaction Course, Dinner and Introduction to Physical Readiness Training (PRT) and the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).

b. Tuesday, 21 August 2018
0530-UTC: Take the APFT and height/weight screening, equipment / uniforms issued to Cadets, military customs/drill and ceremonies, and more.

c. Wednesday, 22 August 2018
0545-1030: In-processing paperwork, Ruck March, and more. End of ICO, all Cadets are dismissed; can check into permanent dorm. MU Cadets that need to attend SPARK can do so shortly after being dismissed.

d. ICO temporary lodging is at Schroeder Hall.

(1) Marquette Cadets: All new first-year students and transfer students are required to check-in for Orientation on Thursday, August 23, 2018. Visit the New Student Orientation website for more information. MU allows Cadets to move all personal items into the permanent residence hall room early. Please contact the Office of Residence Life (anytime from today on) at (414) 288-7208 to schedule an appointment for Early Drop Off. Schedule an appointment for 20 August for 1000-1100 or 1030-1130. For more information about MU residence halls, visit the Office of Residence Life website. Make sure to continue checking MU email and CheckMarq for updates.

(2) Non-Marquette Cadets will return home or coordinate with me (except for UWM Cadets) until the start of the semester/Freshman Orientation at their respective school to drop off personal items into permanent dorm on 20 August from 1030-1130. UWM Cadets must access the early arrival form and login to (ePantherID not email) fill out the early arrival form and view/provide memorandum if needed; the deadline is 01 August to submit. UWM’s Welcome Day, check for updates online or via email. MSOE’s Welcome Week is 28 August – 03 September. For more information, visit the schedule. Make sure the housing application is complete; be sure to fill out the online form. UWP’s Ranger Welcome is 05-10  September. For more information, visit the Ranger Welcome website. There is a $100 per student early move-in fee, and must complete Early Arrival Request Form. CUW’s 2018 Fall Orientation (not updated yet) last year it was from 24-27 August 2017. Early Move-In is either Sunday, 19 August 2018 from 1200-1600 or Wednesday, 22 August 2018 from 1000-1400; let me know if interested in early move-in.

NOTE: Cadets will not have access to the items stored in the permanent residence hall during ICO. Once it’s locked up, it’s gone. :)

2. Packing List and Uniform Standards (Grooming, Tattoos, etc.). All lodging, meals, activities, and transportation costs are covered; Cadets need only bring money to cover cost of personal purchases. See the recommended three-day supply packing list. Read through different topics for uniform, grooming, and more Army standards. Males: you can either be in haircut regulations or be prepared to pay for a haircut. Females: read through the Army standard we will help you through the policy once you arrive.

3. Freshman (Military Science I) Class Schedule and Enrollment: (For all non-MU Cadets registration will happen after we have received all your documents on 30 July 2018 and the MU representative has approved your Cross-Town Enrollment form…re-read this after reading paragraph 6).

a. MU/MSOE/CUW: Register for the following through MU CheckMarq – Physical Training [MISL 1001 (Section 101-LBO (3133)] - Monday/Tuesday/Thursday from 0630-0730 combined with Leadership Laboratory (Practical Application) on Friday from 0600-0750 and Class (MISL 1100) - Monday is from 0800-0850 OR 1100-1150. See the full list of classes that need to be registered at MU for all four years. In addition, MSOE Cadets must register for the following courses through MSOE for the fall quarter – AR1001 and AR1100. See the full list of classes that need to be registered at MSOE for all four years. CUW will only register for ROTC classes at MU, because CUW does not have ROTC courses available in their catalog at this time.

b. UWM: Register for the only course through MU CheckMarq - MISL 1001 Section 102-LBO (3134). Register for the following courses through UWM – Physical Training [MIL SCI 101] - Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday from 0620-0730 combined with Leadership Laboratory (at Marquette or local park in Milwaukee; transportation is provided upon request) on Friday from 0600-0750 and Class [MIL SCI 110] - Wednesday from 0800-0850 or 1400-1450. See the full list of classes that need to be registered at UWM for all four years.

c. UWP: Register for the only course through MU CheckMarq - MISL 1001 Section 102-LBO (3134). Register for the following courses through UWP – Physical Training [MILS 101] - Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday from 0640-0743 combined with Leadership Laboratory (at Marquette or local park in Milwaukee; transportation is provided) on Friday from 0600-0750 and Class [MILS 110] – Monday is from 0800-0853 or Tuesday 1230-1327. See the full list of classes that need to be registered at UWP for all four years.

d. Class Registration: Contact Ms. Peggy Sullivan regarding any MU or CheckMarq course permission issues. Contact SFC James Neville for UWM concerns. Contact Mr. Reuben Sotolongo for all others - MSOE, CUW, and/or UWP.

4. Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and Height/Weight Standards:

a. Cadets are required to take the APFT at least twice per year. There are three events which are measured: push-ups, sit-ups, and a timed two-mile run. Cadets are required to score a minimum of 60 points on a 100-point scale in each event. See the Army standards for each event broken down by gender and age. If a Cadet does not pass the APFT, they are not thrown out. However you must obtain a passing score 14 September 2018 – other Cadets and staff will work with those needing improving so that the progress continues for the next APFT. The same is true for height/weight. See the table weight; some don’t meet the table weight and must be tape measured. As long as you are below the assigned body fat % for your gender and age, you’ll pass. These areas can be worked on during the summer, have fun but do exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

b. See more information regarding Army exercise. There is also an APFT calculator on the page.

c. When executing the APFT events there are some important things to remember:

(1) The order of the events is always Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, and Two-Mile Run. Check out these videos to see correct Army Standard form for push-ups and sit-ups.

(2) The best way to improve physical fitness is to practice/workout on a consistent basis. There are many great websites with workout plans, the key is to be consistent and have great form.

5. Administrative Documents and Checklist (complete below 6b-6g/h and send the documents all at one time no later than 30 July 2018):

a. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card: Bring clear/readable copies along with the originals to ICO so that copies can be verified or new copies are made on Monday 20 August. DO NOT send me them via email for security reasons.

b. CC Form 139-R. Type, fill out, and sign the first two pages. Leave social security number blank for security reasons. Once on campus it’ll be updated. The form can only be read using Adobe reader software. The form was created by a piece of software that can only be read by Adobe; most software can read .pdf files, but because Adobe doesn't like that, they create files that can only be read by their software so that you have to use theirs. Anyway, once you download Adobe Reader you should be able to open the file with it; make sure to download the file to your computer. If doing all of that the form still doesn't open, download the form here (write slow and legible; if your parents/guardians can't read then I won't be able to either). Then scan and send to me with all your other documents (6.b-g/h).

c. DA Form 3425. Fill out all sections, have Physician sign and legibly write name and office number. In addition, obtain a copy of Cadet’s individual Immunization/Shot Records. Take this opportunity to find out blood type and comprise a list of all allergies, because we need this. Please complete this even if you’re DODMERB qualified.

d. Dental Form. Fill out all sections, sign, and date it.

e. Cadet Information Sheet. Fill out the sheet.

f. Unofficial Final High School Transcripts: Final high school transcript (cumulative of 4 years NOT the 3-year transcript submitted for admissions into the university).

g. All ACT or SAT scores: obtain unofficial screen shots/print screen scores from the SAT or the ACT websites.

h. Non-Marquette Cadets. Follow the instructions and type, not handwrite, the information for sections 1 and 2… sign, date, scan with all other documents.



There are many documents required for full enrollment in Army ROTC, but please complete them and send them to Mr. Reuben Sotolongo no later than 30 July 2018. In the same email, let Mr. Sotolongo know if you (Cadet) will be under the age of 18 by 20 August. Toward the end of the summer, plan on all your contact with Army ROTC being through college/university e-mails.