Incoming Cadet Orientation


Incoming Cadet Orientation (ICO) 19-21 August 2024


  1. ICO is 19-21 August 2024 on the Marquette University (MU) campus. The purpose of ICO is to develop teamwork, introduce Cadets to leadership and small group dynamics, and complete all administrative actions so new Cadets can participate in new student activities at their respective universities, and be able to focus on establishing a strong academic foundation in the first academic semester. Students and their families will check in on Day 1, receive welcome briefs, have lunch, and Marquette students will be allowed to drop their belongings at their resident hall.   NOTE: All Cadets will not have access to the items stored in the permanent residence hall during ICO. Once it’s locked up, it’s gone until after ICO is complete.  All lodging, activities, transportation, and most meals costs are covered.

2. Click here for recommended clothes and supply packing list. Click here to read through different topics for uniform, grooming, and more Army standards. Males can either be in haircut regulations or be prepared to pay for a haircut. Females, please read through the Army standards and we will help you through the policy once you arrive.

3. Freshman (Military Science I) Class Schedule and Enrollment. Find your school of attendance and expand that section so that you can register for the appropriate grade level Army ROTC (aka Military Science) courses. 

4. Army Combat Fitness Test and Height/Weight Standards:

a. Click the Army's Height and Weight Standards; some don’t meet the table weight and must be tape measured. If you are below the assigned body fat percentage for your gender and age, then you have a high probability of passing the height and weight standards. These areas can be worked on during the summer, have fun but do exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

b. See more information regarding Army exercise. For your awareness, the Army Combat Fitness Test is the test of record to sign an Army ROTC contract (scholarship or non-scholarship) You will participate in conducting the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) in the fall. 

c. The best way to improve physical fitness is to practice/workout on a consistent basis. Practice doesn't make perfect...practice makes progress. There are many great websites with workout plans, the key is to be consistent and have great form.

5. Enrollment Documents (complete items 3-11 and send the documents all at one time to no later than 9 August 2024).