Enrollment Documents

1. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card. Bring clear/readable copies along with the originals so that copies can be verified, or new copies are made. DO NOT send them to us via email for security reasons. Make sure to sign your social security card.

2. Direct Deposit Form. Watch this video first and fill out complete. DO NOT email this to us. 

3. CC Form 139-R. Watch this video first and fill out the first two pages.

4. DA Form 3425. Fill out all sections, have Physician sign and legibly write name and office number. In addition, obtain a copy of all immunizations/vaccines/shot records. Must include immunization/vaccine, manufacturer, date, etc. Take this opportunity to find out your blood type and all allergies as we we need this as well. No need to complete the DA Form 3425 if you're DODMERB qualified; however, still need all immunizations/vaccines/shot records, blood type and allergies. Send us the DODMERB print out verifying you're medically qualified.

5. Dental Form. Fill out all sections, sign, and date it.

6. Cadet Information Sheet. Fill out the sheet.

7. Unofficial Final High School Transcripts. Final high school transcripts (cumulative of 4 years NOT the 3-year transcript submitted for admissions into the university).

8. All Unofficial College Transcripts. Obtain all unofficial transcripts for every college or university you attended. Incoming freshman, no need to obatin college transcripts if the college courses and grades are listed on your high school transcripts.

9. All ACT or SAT scores. Obtain unofficial screen shots/print screen scores from the SAT or the ACT websites if not on your high school or college transcripts.

10. Photo Authorization/Release. Fill out all sections, sign, and date it. Leave witness name blank as we will fill it in.

11. Non-Marquette Cadets  Fill out the Cross Town Enrollment form.  Once completed and signed, it will be routed for review and approval. 

12. CC Form 104-R. This form is used to combine your acadamic plan for your college/university undergraduate or graduate degree and your Army ROTC courses. Here are a few resources to help. Here is the Microsoft Powerpoint and PDF guide, and the CC Form 104-R in Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF formats.  



Further Information