Biomedical Sciences faculty receive nearly $5 million in new grants

Dr. David Baker received a $2.2 million grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse for his study on signaling activity in the brain and what effect it has on drug-seeking behavior and addiction.

Drs. John Mantsch and Matthew Hearing received a $1.7 million R01 grant for their study on substance use disorder in women.

In addition, Dr. Hearing also received a $400,000 R21 grant his study on prolonged stress and its role in neuropsychiatric disease.

Dr. Marieke Gilmartin received a $400,000 grant for her study on sex-specific regulation of prefrontal-amygdala circuits and fear memory.

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College opens Barbara and Dennis Klein Bioimaging Core Facility
Made possible by a $1 million gift from Barbara and Dennis Klein, the new facility provides cutting edge bioimaging technology for researchers in the College of Health Sciences.

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Dr. Judith Maloney receives Teaching Excellence Award
Dr. Judith Maloney, clinical associate professor of biomedical sciences, received a Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. The award recognizes faculty who inspire students to seek the ideals of the university and cause them to grow in knowledge and scholarship for the glory of God and the good of others.

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Dr. SuJean Choi receives Excellence in Science award
Dr. SuJean Choi, professor of biomedical sciences, received the Excellence in Science award from the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers (WSST) for her outstanding work with Science Education in Wisconsin.

The Excellence in Science award is given annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the improvement of science education in Wisconsin.