Undergraduate Research

The ability to understand and engage in research is important for any healthcare-related profession. Although research is challenging, it is often a rewarding experience that enables students to get to know faculty and other students in the department. Having a research background is often an advantage when applying to professional/graduate programs.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering is a good way to determine if research is something you are interested in. It may also give you the opportunity to do research in a laboratory in which paid positions are not available.

Research for pay
Many students are paid to work in a laboratory. Paid student worker opportunities vary among laboratories.

Research for credit
Students are permitted to receive up to 6 credits for independent study research (BISC 4995). BISC 4995 students are expected to present their research to faculty and students at the end of each semester.

The Biomedical Sciences Summer Research Program (SRP)
The SRP is a competitive 10-week summer program for undergraduates supported by the department and the College of Health Sciences. Successful applicants receive a $3500 stipend to work in a research laboratory and participate in program activities, which include a faculty seminar series, weekly data discussions, social events, and a human brain dissection mini-course. The program ends with a reception at which participants present their research findings.

How To Get Involved

Check the departmental website to learn more about faculty research programs. Contact the faculty member whose research you are most interested in. To apply for the SRP, follow the directions on the Web page.

Work with your prospective faculty mentor to arrange a research experience that is ideal for you.