Pre-PA Studies

The Biomedical Sciences major at Marquette is powerful preparation for students planning to enter the Physician Assistant profession. The opportunity to study distinctively human medical sciences courses at the undergraduate level is exceedingly rare. In fact, the Marquette biomedical sciences curriculum, taught by faculty scientists, is unique.

Students in this program pursue coursework in the anatomical sciences (including gross anatomy), biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and molecular genetics, all taught from a clinical, human perspective. The coursework provides students with the opportunity to acquire the concepts, principals, facts and terminology fundamental to medicine, and indeed, all healthcare professions and related fields. Our students are uniquely prepared for all physician assistant programs and are accepted to programs all over the country.

Additionally, only our biomedical sciences students have the opportunity to apply for early acceptance in the Marquette Physician Assistant Studies Programon on an accelerated track-- beginning their master's training as early as their junior year. This accelerated track allows our students to enter the workforce and hospitals much earlier as physician assistants.