Welcome to the BISC Major!

The Biomedical Sciences undergraduate curriculum consists of human-oriented basic science courses that can be tailored to an individual’s career interests.

For example, pre-dental students can take courses such as head and neck anatomy, oral histology, and craniofacial development and genetics. Pre-medical students may wish to take advantage of human-oriented classes in pharmacology, pathology, histology, human physiology, and human anatomy, including a course in which human cadavers are dissected.

As a result, undergraduate students in the Department of Biomedical Sciences are well-prepared for a wide variety of health care career paths.

Frequently Asked Questions and Topics:

Curriculum Plans

We are excited to launch our revised curriculum as it will provide students greater flexibility in course selection within the major. This new design of the major allows students to tailor their degree to match their long-term interests and career goals. Suggested career plans:

Students who entered the BISC major before 2023:

  • ALL Curriculum Tracks are found here in the Previous Versions Undergraduate Bulletin in addition to all requirements concerning our Biomedical Sciences major. Please select the year entered Marquette University to follow correct curriculum.

Students who entered the BISC major in 2023 or later:

Freshmen SPARK Handouts for Fall 

These were the resources given out during the last SPARK this summer. Many of the handouts will help guide students as they plan their next four years and as they begin the process of registration for the first time. If these do not answer your questions, please contact your assigned advisor.

Pre-Health Profession FAQs and Information

Frequently asked questions about tracking pre-medical studies, pre-dental studies and pre-PA studies as a biomedical sciences student.

Center for Pre-Health Advising Office

Marquette University has a long and successful history of preparing students for careers in health professional fields. The Center for Pre-health Advising is ready to help you find your place among the thousands of Marquette alumni doctors, dentists and other professionals around the world.

Our pre-health advisor, Ms. Laurie Goll, will work closely with you throughout your undergraduate career to help you identify and achieve what it takes to be a strong candidate for admission to a health professional program.

  • Ms. Laurie Goll
    Pre-Health Professions Advisor

    College of Health Sciences
    Schroeder Complex 244
  • Center for Pre-Health Advising Website
    This site explains the admissions process and requirements for most pre-health professional programs. It lists comprehensive fact sheets, FAQs and resources for learning more about these professions.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Service for the College of Health Sciences
  • Annual Graduate Health Professions Exploration Fair
    Meet with representatives from medical, dental, PA, PT, PharmD, Optometry, Public Health, Bioinformatics, Podiatry, and programs and schools. This fair is run through the department of biomedical sciences but serves all students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Biomedical Sciences Course Options

Course Catalog: Course descriptions for all Biomedical Sciences courses may be found in the College of Health Sciences Bulletin.

Course Options and Requirements in Major:

Internships for Biomedical Sciences Students

Each year, we have many students pursue internships with companies and non-profit organizations. If you would like more information, please visit Internship Opportunities.

Interested in getting a Minor?

Below are helpful resources for helping you learn about available minors and their requirements: