Graduate Student Research

Research Projects of Current Ph.D. Candidates in the Biomedical Sciences Department:

Kelsey Benton
University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN)

Mentor: Dr. Paul Gasser

Research Topic: “The role of organic cation transporter 3 (OCT3) in regulating monoaminergic                                          signaling”

Aaron Caccamise
University at Buffalo

Mentor: Dr. John Mantsch

Research Topic: TBD

Christopher Chen
Yale University

Mentor: Dr. Alex Savtchouk

Research Topic: TBD

Devan Gomez
University of Colorado Boulder

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Hearing

Research Topic: “Enduring adaptations in ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons associated with                                opioid withdrawal and reward-related behavior”

Matthew Herbst
Miami University of Ohio

Mentor: Dr. Marieke Gilmartin

Research Topic: “Prefrontal-hippocampal-amygdala circuit dynamics involved in learning and memory                              processes”

Evan Hess
Marquette University

Mentor: Dr. David Baker

Research Topic: “The role of neuron-astrocyte communication in compulsive disorders”

Deborah Joye
University of California San Diego

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Evans

Research Topic: “Neural circuits of circadian timekeeping, with an emphasis on the role of novel                                        neuropeptides in biological clockworks”

Adam Kirry
The Ohio State University

Mentor: Dr. Marieke Gilmartin

Research Topic: “Prefrontal temporal lobe interactions in Pavlovian trace fear conditioning”

Audra Kramer
Marquette University

Mentor: Dr. Murray Blackmore

Research Topic: “Genetic therapy and rehabilitation to improve limb function following spinal cord                                    injury”

Christian Otteman
Hope College

Mentor: TBD

Research Topic: TBD

Kayla Rohr
Coe College

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Evans

Research Topic: “The role of vasopressin signaling in SCN network function”

Gregory Simandl
University of Minnesota

Mentor: TBD

Research Topic: TBD

Mitchell Spring
Skidmore College

Mentor: Dr. Robert Wheeler

Research Topic: “The role of affective state in motivated drug seeking”