About the Collaboratory


Imbuing the productivity and efficiency of corporate research to the academic setting, the Collaboratory helps our 13 independent neuroscience labs reach their goals faster. In addition, the Collaboratory allows our departmental research programs to accelerate the development and incorporation of new, state-or the art techniques.

The Collaboratory is fully resourced and staffed with a devoted team of experts from academia and industry. In addition, existing researchers volunteer their time to supplement many Collaboratory functions. The Collaboratory also permits use of its existing on-site technology and multiple sources of revenue. 

By centralizing aspects of the scientific workflow, The Collaboratory provides researchers more time for scientific discovery. Collaboratory services include:

Conducting prioritized research studies

Training of staff and students

Optimizing protocols

Grantwriting assistance 

Disseminating technical expertise

Incorporating state of the art technical expertise

Regulatory compliance

Coordinating with Marquette University offices (e.g., ARC, TTO)

Purchasing/Budget management


Support for The Collaboratory provided by the Charles E. Kubly Mental Health Research Center, Klein Bioimaging Facility, and the Department of Biomedical Sciences.