Get support for your own writing

Faculty and staff don't just teach writing: they're writers themselves. The Ott Memorial Writing Center can support that writing in multiple ways.

Writing Wednesdays: Workshops for Faculty

On the first Wednesday of each month, we offer a workshop tailored specifically for the needs and interests of faculty and staff. Sometimes those workshops focus on strategies for teaching with writing; other times, the workshops focus on the types of writing often expected of faculty. Recent topics include Writing Letters of Recommendation and Surviving Revise & Resubmit.

Individual Consultations

The writing center isn't just for struggling writers; it's for all writers who care about their writing at any stage of expertise. While our tutors can't promise to be experts in your subject matter, they can provide encouragement, strategies for undertaking significant revisions, and feedback on clarity and grace. Many writers working on long-term projects--like a book manuscript or series of articles--find it helpful to have a weekly or bi-weekly appointment with a single tutor. This kind of low-stakes accountability can help keep a project moving forward, even when there are many other responsibilities to juggle. If you're interested in working with one of our tutors, you can find further descriptions of our staff members' interests and experiences; feel free to contact the Director, Dr. Rebecca Nowacek, with any questions you may have.

Workshops for Writers

In addition to the Writing Wednesday Workshops designed specifically for faculty and staff, the Ott Memorial Writing Center offers workshops on a variety of topics. Recent workshops include Writing Effective Lit Reviews, Revising for Clarity and Grace, and Intermediate APA. Register for the workshop beforehand. 

Writing Retreats

Sometimes what you need is uninterrupted time and a bit of encouragement. If that's the case, join us for the writing retreats we hold each semester. During the 4-hour block of time in Raynor Memorial Library, we provide encouragement, sugar and caffeine, the silent companionship of other focused writers, and impromptu writing consultations if you desire. 

Writing Groups for Faculty

If there is a critical mass of interest, the Ott Memorial Writing Center is delighted to coordinate a faculty / staff writing group. If you're interested, please contact the Director, Dr. Rebecca Nowacek.