Dr. Qindan Huang
Dr. Qindan Huang (Structures/Mechanics)Marquette University

Engineering Hall, 205

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-6670
Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering


Ph.D., 2010, Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University

M.S., 2004, Civil Engineering, University of Toledo

B.S., 2001, Structural Engineering, Tongji University

Research Interests

  • Structural reliability
  • Risk and life-cycle analysis
  • Probabilistic methods and modeling in civil engineering
  • Performance-based design
  • Multi-hazard analysis
  • Performance assessment of deteriorating systems
  • Decision making under uncertainty


Soraghi, A., and Huang, Q. (2021). “Reliability Analysis of Corroded RC Beams Using Probabilistic Failure Mode Prediction Model,” Engineering Structures, 233: 111944.

Kere, K.J., and Huang, Q. (2019). “Life-Cycle Cost Comparison of Corrosion Management Strategies for Steel Structures,” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 24(4): 04019007.

Daghash, S., Huang, Q., and Ozbulut, O.E. (2019). “Tensile Behavior and Cost Efficiency Evaluation of ASTM A1010 Steel for Bridge Construction,” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 24(8): 04019078.

Sajedi S., and Huang, Q. (2019). “Reliability-based life-cycle-cost comparison of different corrosion management strategies,” Engineering Structures, 186: 52-63.

Huang, Q., Dyanati, M., Roke, D., Chandra, A., and Sett, K. (2018). “Economic Feasibility Study of Self-Centering Concentrically Braced Frame Systems,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 144(8): 04018101.


2020 “Probabilistic Performance Evaluation of Cathodically Protected Pipeline Considering AC Corrosion”, Department of Transportation (DOT), PHMSA, PI (subaward @ Marquette, led by The University of Akron)

2020 “Probabilistic Performance Modeling and Optimum Maintenance Planning of Plastic Pipeline with Piezoelectric-Based NDE Updating”, DOT-PHMSA, PI (subaward @ Marquette, led by Rutgers University)

2019 “Multi-Modal NDE Assisted Probabilistic Pipeline Performance Evaluation under Interactive Anomalies”, DOT-PHMSA, PI.

2017 “Evaluation of Effective Bridge Deck Repair Maintenance Methods (Phase I)”, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), PI.

2016 “Probabilistic Characterization of Bond Behavior at Rebar-Concrete Interface in Corroded RC Structures: Experiment, Modeling, and Implementation”, National Science Foundation (NSF), PI.

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