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Construction Engineering (CNEN)

Construction projects of all types require management as well as the traditional engineering skills.

Dr. Yong Bai, P.E., FASCE

Infrastructure construction and maintenance, highway work zone safety, emerging technology applications, international construction management

Dr. Mark Federle, P.E.

Organizational behavior in construction engineering; strategic planning, information technology and its impact on construction productivity; individual behavior and leadership; virtual design and construction (implementing best practices)

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (ENWR)

The environmental engineering area deals with the control and improvement of human surroundings using principles developed in civil engineering. The environmental/water resources engineer is responsible for conceiving and designing systems for water supply, waste water treatment and disposal, air pollution control, solid and hazardous waste management and design of water resources systems.  

Dr. Brooke Mayer, P.E.

Detection/quantification, removal and inactivation of emerging enteric viruses as part of drinking water treatment processes including enhanced coagulation, UV disinfection and advanced oxidation using titanium dioxide photocatalysis. Design of sustainable engineering technologies targeting both microbial (e.g. viruses) and chemical (e.g. nutrients and carcinogenic byproducts) contaminants.

Dr. Walter McDonald

Urban stormwater management, green infrastructure, environmental monitoring, geospatial analysis, flood frequency analysis, engineering education.

Dr. Patrick McNamara

Micropollutants; microbial communities in engineered systems; antibiotic resistance; residuals and biosolids; pyrolysis. 

Dr. Anthony Parolari

Modeling coupled water, nutrient and vegetation dynamics. Applications include: ecohydrology, quantifying drought impacts on ecosystems and water-nutrient management in agriculture and green infrastructure.

Dr. Jeffrey Starke, P.E.


Dr. Daniel Zitomer, P.E., BCEE, FWEF

Biological treatment of wastewater, contaminated soil; groundwater; hazardous waste. Recovery of wastewater resources.

Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics (SESM)

The structural engineering and structural mechanics area focuses on the planning, analysis, design and construction of various types of structures including buildings, bridges, amusement park rides, and foundations. 

Dr. Qindan Huang

Structural reliability; risk and life-cycle analysis; probabilistic methods and modeling in civil engineering; performance-based design; multi-hazard analysis; performance assessment of deteriorating systems; decision making under uncertainty

Dr. Andrew Sen

Structural steel components and systems; natural hazards engineering; repair and retrofit of existing structures; large-scale experimentation; nonlinear structural analysis methods

Dr. Baolin Wan

Repair and retrofit structures; FRP composite materials; high performance concrete; prestressed concrete; numerical and experimental modeling; natural fiber reinforced composites.

Transportation Engineering and Materials (TEMA)

The transportation engineering and materials area focuses on engineering analysis and design of urban streets, highways, intersections, interchanges, interstate highways and airports.  This area of study also focuses on pavement engineering and the materials used in the construction of roadways along with traffic engineering (e.g. design, operations and traffic management).

Dr. Jaime Hernandez

Pavement mechanics; modeling of flexible and rigid pavements; tire-pavement interaction; micromechanical modeling of asphalt concrete; pavement damage.

Dr. Margaret McNamara

Transportation Systems Operations & Maintenance (TSM&O); data analysis & visualization; health care access; smart communities.


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