Grant Development Office

About Us

The Opus College of Engineering's Grant Development Office assists faculty in identifying research funding opportunities, preparing competitive proposals and linking with others on campus. A full scope of our services, as well as helpful policies and resources can be found below.

Our Services 

Assistance in conceptualizing and planning your project

  • Discuss desired research-related objectives and outcomes
  • Strategic approach for seeking funds
  • Research grant opportunities and identify potential sources
  • Identify potential partners
  • Co-develop proposal submission time line; identify project milestones and individuals responsible for specific tasks

Identify funding sources

  • Search government and foundation websites as well as funding databases
  • Assist faculty with the creation of Pivot accounts (formerly Community of Science: COS)
  • Participate in multiple listservs

Help developing and preparing proposals

  • Analyze grant announcement and associated documents
  • Outline suggested proposal structure to mirror sponsor review criteria/forms
  • Navigate application forms and procedures; collaborate with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
  • Assist with the development and editing of proposal narratives
  • Assist thinking through budget needs to prepare faculty for meeting with ORSP to finalize budget
  • Draft supporting documents and boilerplate at the request of the Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Team
  • Develop time line for institution routing, approval, and submission; serve as link to ORSP when needed
  • Coordinate large-scale proposals

Draft supporting documents

  • Letters of support
  • Edit biosketches
  • Facilities and resources/equipment
  • Multiple PI Plan (for NIH)
  • Other ancillary materials as needed

Submit proposal to ORSP

  • Work with PI to submit proposal and registration forms to ORSP in advance of the deadline

Prepare and submit "just-in-time" or other post-submission materials

  • Work with PI to prepare and submit any necessary items requested by the sponsor in collaboration with ORSP