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We, on this trip, do not see this as a typical service trip for we believe that we go to immerse ourselves into the glory of God found in the community. Our reality of privilege, as members of the United States and this Marquette University, allows us many opportunities not afforded to most people of the world. The purpose of this immersion trip is to be more aware of those privileges and to possibly leave them behind as we immerse ourselves into their culture. As a result, we will strive to avoid the excesses common to most affluent tourists. Therefore, the program asks its participants to commit to a simple, rustic lifestyle with limitations to showers, simple meals, a youth hostel sleeping quarters, a "no headphones" request and a willingness to experience community in a deeply meaningful way. It also asks you not to expect to be a tourist and to let go of seeing everything you can see or doing everything you should do as a tourist in the community.

Participants are expected to uphold the conduct expectations of all Marquette students. All participants must remain in good standing with the university and will be subject to at least two conduct checks (one within the application process and one prior to going on the trip) while participating in IMAP. In submitting this application, you are declaring that you are in good standing with Marquette University.

While all students are welcome to participate, this program is structured in a way that promotes spiritual reflection, prayer, and group processing.

For more information, feel free to contact Ann Mulgrew in Campus Ministry.


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