Graduate Students

Graduate students are warmly invited to be part of any and all of Campus Ministry’s offerings. Some opportunities are particularly well-suited for graduate student needs; a list of these opportunities follows below.


While graduate students are increasingly involved in all Campus Ministry retreats, the following retreats have particularly strong graduate attendance:

  • Holy Hill Road Trip
    • A grad-only visit to Holy Hill organized by a group of grad student leaders.
  • Silent Weekend
    • A silent retreat organized around a series of talks on Ignatian Spirituality, taking place directly following finals week in December.
  • Ignatian Journey Retreat
    • Fully online 5-day retreat in early January organized around moments in St. Ignatius' life and including daily spiritual direction
  • Silent Directed Retreat
    • 5-day retreat offered the week before second semester
  • Lenten Retreat in Daily Life
    • 6-week, on-campus retreat focused on daily prayer and weekly spiritual direction

To receive updates via email about upcoming retreats for graduate students, fill out this short form. For more information, please contact Steve Blaha, Interim Director of Campus Ministry.

Camino Small Groups

These small faith groups, based on the model of Christian Life Communities (CLCs), meet weekly and provide an opportunity to live “magis” in community with others. To join a group (including one comprised entirely of graduate students), contact Steve Blaha, Interim Director of Campus Ministry.

Gospel Choir 

The Gospel Choir provides a great opportunity for all students, grad students and commuter students to be involved in an on-campus activity that builds community and connectivity.   Graduate students may elect to participate in the choir as a non-credit class.  All are welcome.  For more information, contact director Debra Duff, (414) 288-5538, or visit Campus Ministry, AMU 236.

I.M.A.P.: International Immersion & M.A.P.: Spring Break Trips

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in reflective application of their expertise through the immersion experience.  Graduate Students are welcome to attend and or contribute as a facilitator for M.A.P. and I.M.A.P.  destinations. A minimum of four students is required for grad-only destinations. For more information, contact director Vevette Hill-Nwagbaraocha, (414) 288-3694, or visit Campus Ministry, AMU 236.

Sacramental Preparation

A rich sacramental life is one element of the dynamic faith environment on campus. Campus Ministry offers preparation and opportunities for students interested in experiencing the risen Lord through one of the sacraments.

Spiritual Direction

Meet with a spiritual director campus minister to talk about your journey with God, what’s going on in your life, or to explore what God might be calling you to in life. All members of the campus ministry staff are available for these conversations, or you can be matched with another director on campus. If you’d like to pursue spiritual direction, contact Steve Blaha, Interim Director of Campus Ministry.

Hall Ministry

Graduate students with prior ministerial experience or involvement in campus ministry are invited to apply to become one of Marquette’s Hall Ministers. Hall Ministers live in one of MU’s residence halls and work 10 hours per week building faith and community in the hall. Compensation is in the form of room, board, and parking. For more information, contact Steve Blaha, Interim Director of Campus Ministry, or watch the MU jobs site each spring. New positions are typically posted in March/April.