Contrary to what the name implies, Midnight Run has nothing to do with running or midnight!

Midnight Run considers itself to be a movement of compassion towards the community on the margins of society. It began as a student response to a growing community need in 1988. Midnight Run focuses on serving the particular needs of the hungry and homeless people living in the Marquette neighborhood and beyond. This program is organized by a coordinating team of Marquette students under the supervision of Campus Ministry. Volunteers serve in area meal programs, pantries and shelters. Service in Midnight Run is meant to challenge students to integrate their experiences with their faith. Volunteers serve at the same service site on a weekly basis throughout the semester. Midnight Run's philosophy is rooted in the Gospel, with Matthew 25 serving as its hallmark, “What so ever you do for the least of these, you do for me.” Midnight Run is based on the fundamental belief in the dignity and worth of all persons and strives to cultivate a sense of responsibility for caring for all members of our community. No running required – Just walk with your neighbor!

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Steve Blaha

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