Ignite Your Faith

Looking for a community that helps you ignite your faith? Want to hang out with great and genuine people?

Come to Ignite on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9 p.m. Ignite is an inspiring experience of college community, Catholic faith and prayer welcoming all at Marquette.

We are excited to offer a hybrid program (in-person and virtual) this semester.

To attend Ignite in-person at the Chapel of the Holy Family (AMU), pre-register for the specific evening you will be attending. (Only Marquette students will be able to participate in-person.)

To participate virtually, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook as we build virtual spaces dedicated to helping Marquette students live a faith that does justice.

Facebook @ignitemarquette

Instagram @ignitemarquette

Please Note: President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on ‘Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping,' prohibits “divisive concepts” promulgated in federally funded institutions. Therefore, Campus Ministry has redacted certain material and social media so as not to pose a threat to student loans, research dollars and other federally supported programs.  Ignite's social media is currently unavailable.Ignite - November 2020

For more information, contact Steve Blaha, assistant director Campus Ministry at (414) 288-6873.