LGBTQ+ and Allied Students

                                           LGBTQ+ People of Faith
Marquette University Campus Ministry welcomes you! Our doors are always open to you! We are grateful you have chosen Marquette University. Campus Ministry is here to support your spiritual growth, relationship with God, and flourishing at Marquette. You are beloved and cherished children of God with gifts to share within the Church and with the entire world.

We recognize the importance of being able to live out one’s faith. We also recognize that you may have experienced harm within faith communities, including Catholic communities. Know that Campus Ministry strives to offer spaces of welcome, celebration, love, care, and ongoing growth in one’s walk with God.

Guided by our Pastoral Affirmation to LGBTQ+ Students, Allies, and Friends, “With humility in the face of the suffering of our beloved, both LGBTQ+ people and Jesus himself, we commit to continuing to lift up the beauty and blessedness of LGBTQ+ people, building spaces for continued growth in faith and hope – trusting in the presence, guidance, and light of the Holy Spirit.” We strive to make all our programing welcoming and inclusive. You are strongly encouraged to participate fully in any of our programs and involvement opportunities.

We are also aware that LGBTQ+ people of faith often have a particular need for safe spaces to explore faith and spirituality specifically in the context of the life and experiences of LGBTQ+ people. So, following the call of Christ and giving witness to the love of God and the Church, Campus Ministry strives to meet the pastoral needs of students who identify as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning… (LGBTQ+) or allies through the following resources:

  • Spiritual Q-munity: Spiritual Q-munity is a group of LGBTQ+ students that provides a safe space to explore spirituality, identity, intersectionality, healing, and growth.                  
                                                            Coming Out to God
  • Spiritual Accompaniment/Spiritual Direction: Meet with a campus minister who can listen, accompany, and help you to explore more deeply and engage more fully in your spiritual journey. To set up a time to meet, call (414) 288-6873 or email a campus minister directly.
  • Conversations with a Campus Minister: Meet with a campus minister to talk about whatever is on your mind.


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