Hall Ministers

Hall ministers live in each of Marquette's residence halls to provide pastoral care and presence to all staff and residents of the building. In collaboration with the hall staff, the hall minister is charged with helping form a residential community that expresses the university's Catholic, Jesuit character, while accompanying individuals dealing with stress, illness, loss, loneliness, relationships, spiritual and emotional health, etc.

Abbottsford Hall
Samantha Scott
(414) 288-4925

Carpenter Tower
Gary Klump
(414) 288-4909

Cobeen Hall
Monica Keenan
(414) 288-4893

Cobeen Hall
Michael Zeps, S.J.
(414) 288-4892

Eckstein Tower
Ann Mulgrew

Humphrey Hall
David Burnett
(414) 288-8379

Humphrey Hall
Fred Zagone, S.J.

Mashuda Hall
Grant Garinger, S.J.
(414) 288-8518

Mashuda Hall
Jen Pittman
(414) 288-8519

O'Donnell Hall
Gregory Zimmerman
(414) 288-8503

Schroeder Hall
Megan Heeder
(414) 288-4937

Straz Tower
Cathy Melesky Dante
(414) 288-0871

Wells Street Hall
Michael Maher, S.J.