Practica and Internships

In your first year, you will complete the counseling practicum. This is a requirement for both the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (COUN 6965/6966/6968) and the School Counseling (COUN 6970) degrees. See description below:

Supervised practica experiences that total a minimum of 100 clock hours must be completed within your first year of the program. The practicum includes the following:

  • 40 clock hours of direct service that leads to the development of counseling skills; 60 clock hours of indirect service (case conceptualizations, paperwork, seminars, staff meetings, etc.)
  • Weekly interaction with an average of one (1) hour per week of individual and/or triadic supervision throughout the practicum by a program faculty member, a student supervisor, or a site supervisor working in bi-weekly consultation with a program faculty member
  • An average of one and one half (1½) hours per week of group supervision that is provided on a regular schedule throughout the practicum by a program faculty member or a student supervisor
  • Opportunity for the student to develop program-appropriate audio/video recordings for use in supervision, and/or to receive live supervision of the student's interactions with clients
  • Evaluation of the student's counseling performance throughout the practicum including documentation of a formal evaluation after the student completes the practicum.

In your second year, you will complete an internship in CMHC counseling (COUN 6986/6987/6989) and internship in School Counseling (COUN 6990) in the Fall and Spring. In addition to items 2 through 5 above, the internship includes 300 clock hours per semester, for a total of 600 hours. You can expect to be on site 20-25 hours per week. Generally, the internship is completed at the same site you complete your first year practicum.  

Supervisor Interviews

Dr. Katie Duffy - Childynamics

Supervisor, Dr. Katie Duffy, talks about the students she supervises at Childynamics.

Randy Neff - Pathfinders

Supervisor, Randy Neff, talks about the students he supervises at Pathfinders.

Dr. Heather Smith - VA Medical Center

Supervisor, Dr. Heather Smith, talks about the students she supervises at the VA Medical Center.

Selecting a Practicum Site

The Milwaukee area provides a variety of sites for both school counseling and clinical mental health counseling students. Students work with the Practicum and Internship Coordinator to identify and apply to sites during the first semester in the program.