Recommended Course Sequence

There is no single recommended course sequence for students, given that the vast majority enter the program already having completed a master’s degree in a mental health field. Thus, they waive a diverse range of pre-doctoral courses, and usually complete their remaining classes in the program in three years. Some courses may be offered in the Psychology Department at Marquette (often every other year). Note that the Doctoral Qualifying Exam (DQE), approval of the Doctoral Portfolio, and the dissertation proposal must be completed before applying for the pre-doctoral internship.

Petitions for Exceptions to Program Requirements

The department is not flexible with regard to the program requirements which are described in the handbook. Students should begin the process of submitting a petition by consulting with their academic advisors. Students can then initiate a petition for an exception to Program requirements by submitting a written request to the department chair. Most of these petitions will be decided by a vote of the department faculty at their next regularly scheduled meeting, though the Graduate School will decide issues related to their requirements.