Spring 2024 Dean's List

College of Education Dean's List - Spring 2024

Dean’s List honors are awarded twice per academic year, upon completion of the fall term and the spring term, to students who:

  • Are enrolled full-time in the College of Education
  • Earned a minimum of 12 credits at Marquette University during the term
  • Have a term grade point average of 3.7 or higher on the date the ITS dean's list report is run

Students receiving a grade of I, X, IX, WA, UW, UNC, NG, F or U on the date the ITS dean’s list report is run are ineligible.


Sophia Anderson

Anna Hoffman

Ben Andrews

Anna Jamroz

Tyson Anthony

Sam Johnston

Mimi Attard

Kelsie Kasky

Kathie Berthold

Madison Kunzer

Ellen Blaszinski

Rosie Kyriakopoulos

Emily Briones

Ellie Lipsey

Emilie Buscemi

Katy May

Emma Califato

Athanasia Mochovitis

Kalea Chatman

Eve Nersesian

Mark Claerhout

Tom Oeffling

Colin Clisham

Leah O'Young

Samantha De Leon

Tressa Piessig

Anne Doepke

Aimee Perez

Mary Kate Doherty

Katherine Peters

Holly Ellenberg

Radhika Prakash

Carter Empen

Olivia Przybylski 

Abby Fuller

Jack Redfern

Rachel Gershon

Natalie Ring

Simon Glarner

Julia Ryan

Izzy Hagenbuch

Jake Schilf

Aubrey Hamilton

Allie Spaltholz

Eileen Harrington

Nicole Spytek

Sarah Hilts

Norah Timmerman

Mckaelee Hoehnen