Outstanding Alumni Recognized

Marquette's College of Education Recognizes Outstanding Alumni

Released: April 8, 2018

Two graduates of Marquette University's College of Education will be honored as outstanding educators. Both educators were honored guests at the awards tea sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (WACTE) and the Meemic Foundation at the Monona Terrace Community and Conference Center in Madison, Wisconsin, on Sunday, April 8th. This is the fifth year that the Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (WACTE) has sponsored the Early Career and Pre-Service Educator Awards. The awards ceremony continues to grow each year, with over 200 people attending last year. This year 59 teachers from 30 different institutions of higher education across the state were honored for their professional excellence. The keynote speaker this year will be Matthew W. Miller, Sr., the 2018 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year. The Meemic Foundation sponsors the awards ceremony as well as the keynote speaker.

Jacob Lukasiewicz will receive the Early Career Educator award, which is presented to an outstanding educator within the first three years of her/his professional career. The recipient is selected based on any combination of the following: positive impact individual has on schools or communities; innovation in designing learning experiences, and advocacy for students.

Kimberly Vogler will be awarded the Pre-Service Educator Award. This award is presented to an outstanding educator who has demonstrated a sustained pattern of mentoring pre-service educators for at least five years. The award recipient will be selected based on attributes such as: the ability to model professional responsibility, evidentiary assessment, effective classroom management, the ability to mentor pre-service teacher candidates in developing their capacity to be a leader; and the ability to nurture candidates as they face a wide range of issues.

Jacob Lukasiewicz, Early Career Educator AwardJacob Lukasiewicz was nominated by several faculty and staff members in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership at Marquette University. Jacob is an outstanding early career teacher at St. Thomas More High School in Milwaukee. He is a consistent, caring presence in the school, taking time each day to let his students know that he is genuinely interested in them and their success in and out of school. He has advanced the rigor of the Social Studies curriculum at St. Thomas More High School by developing the Advanced Placement Economics course and strives to create innovative and engaging learning activities in his classes every day. In addition to his responsibilities in the classroom, Jacob contributes to the overall mission of the school by coaching basketball.

Kimberly Vogler, Pre-service Educator AwardKimberly Vogler, a teacher at St. Robert's school in Shorewood, Wisconsin, was nominated by Dr. Kathleen Clark. She is an exemplary mentor to Marquette's preservice teachers in multiple capacities. As an elementary teacher with extensive experience in literacy, she serves as a supervisor in Marquette University's Hartman Literacy Center helping our preservice teachers help elementary school students acquire and hone their skills in reading. Kimberly is also an excellent cooperating teacher for our student teachers, taking extra time and care to assure our student teachers' success. Kimberly's direct, honest, and practical feedback is enhanced by her deep theoretical and research knowledge in teaching and learning.

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The College of Education is one of 11 colleges at Marquette University, Wisconsin's largest independent educational institution which enjoys a national reputation for excellence. With a mission of teaching, research and service benefitting both education and mental health in the community, the College of Education carries a deep commitment to justice and a rigorous intellectual grounding.

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