College of Education Makes a Difference for Seton Schools

For the 2017-18 school year, the Seton Catholic Schools have selected 10 Marquette University alumni as teachers, making the institution the top provider of its new educators.

Joining the staffs of Northwest Catholic, Prince of Peace, St. Catherine’s, St. Rafael the Archangel Parish School, St. Roman’s, and St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, these new professionals will be working to achieve Seton’s mission of “overcoming social and academic challenges, empowering students, families and educators to attain their God-given potential.” The current network of 13 of Milwaukee’s Archdiocesan Catholic elementary schools is reimagining what elementary education looks like for its students and families.

Commenting on this news, Dean Bill Henk offered, “The fact that eight members of the College of Education’s most recent graduating class will serve within this innovative, transformational collaborative network of K-8 parish schools in Greater Milwaukee represents a genuine pride point for us.”

The new Marquette alumni at Seton Catholic Schools include: Claire Afable, Nicole Davids, Julienna Herritz, Daniel Lavine, Annie Long, Hannah Morin, Taylor Smith, Amy Sommers, Grace Vargas, and Sarah Zinkula.

The preparation received at Marquette will provide a strong foundation where our alumni can affect systemic change in the Catholic educational landscape of Milwaukee and truly Be THE Difference.