Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I submit a work request? 

Online: From any Facilities Planning and Management page, click on SUBMIT A WORK REQUEST.

When filling out a Facilities Management work request, it is imperative that all pertinent information concerning the requested work is included.

Pertinent information includes:

  1. Name of the requester
  2. Phone extension where requester can be contacted
  3. Which building (the online work request form gives all building choices)
  4. The specific office or room number
  5. The specific location (e.g., NW window, SE corner, etc.)
  6. What needs to be done or what exactly the problem is (please be as specific and to the point as possible)

You will receive an auto-receipt for your work request. If you do not receive a reply, your work request may not have been received by Facilities Planning and Management. To confirm, please contact Facilities Planning and Management at (414) 288-7043.

How do I find the status of a work request?

Please call (414) 288-7043 and request information about a work request you have submitted. 

For which services will I be charged?

Facilities Planning and Management has the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the university building structure and systems. Any repair or maintenance work done to the building is generally not charged to any university department. Remodeling and special painting requests are usually chargeable.

How do I request for estimates or other chargeable services?

For chargeable services, submit a work request or call the Facilities Planning and Management office at (414) 288-7043. To obtain an estimate for remodeling, use the project request form. For additional information on renovating a campus facility, please visit the University Planning and Infrastructure Committee (UPIC) website.

How are priority requests vs. routine services addressed?

Our goal is to complete all requests for routine Facilities Planning and Management services within five working days.

Request for departmental services will be scheduled as other work allows. Requesters will be given estimated start and completion dates when Facilities Planning and Management agrees to the work.

Generally, Facilities Planning and Management services for maintaining the campus must take priority over departmental services. Departmental services tasks are scheduled in the order in which they are received. At times, priorities for Facilities Planning and Management services are set by the university's executive administration.

How do contractors gain access to campus?

Contractors in need of access to specific areas on campus should send requests Facilities Planning and Management by emailing The request should include the building, building area or room, start and end dates, and timeframe for access.

How do suppliers do business with Marquette?

Thank you for your interest in Marquette University. In order to better review and document interested supplier inquiries, we request you complete the supplier registration process through the supplier portal.

Please visit Marquette University's Doing Business with Marquette website!