Planning and Project Delivery

Planning and Project Delivery is a team of professionals responsible for oversight of campus development planning and design as well as implementation of the university's capital plan for new construction and renovation of existing properties. In addition to buildings, the team oversees landscape design and improvements, signage/graphics, utilities/infrastructure, and sustainability efforts that relate to the physical campus. This includes leading the budget approval process, design, procurement, and construction of these capital improvement projects. 

The team works closely with the campus community, consultants, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure that capital projects are completed on time and budget, while meeting the design, quality and operational standards of the university.


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Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan integrates academic, physical and financial priorities and serves as a road map for Marquette’s capital projects during the next 10 to 20 years. Learn more about the Campus Master Plan.

Space Request Guidelines

This applies to all assigned building space owned or leased by Marquette University and covers the assignment and control of such space. In each case, every consideration of the functional requirements of the occupants will be considered and have a bearing on the actual allocation of space, as will the size, quantity, and location of any available space.

Space Request Form must be completed and submitted by following the Space Assignment Appendix and Utilization Standards.

University Planning and Infrastructure Committee (UPIC) website

For further information about the campus capital planning, budget and improvements process, please visit the University Planning and Infrastructure Committee (UPIC) website.