How to Access Course Evaluation (MOCES) Results in the Faculty Activities Database

Follow these steps to run the "Instructor Profile (MOCES) - Promotion and Tenure" report in the Faculty Activities Database.


1. Login to the FAD using the firtsname.lastname portion of your email address and your CheckMarq password.

2. Click “Reports” in the top menu.

Marquette University Logo Activities Reports

3. Run the Instructor Profile reports.

a. Scroll down and select the report titled “Instructor Profile (MOCES) – Promotion and Tenure” from the alphabetical list of reports.

Select the report you would like to view or edit, or select to create a new report Name Community Engagement Compendium Faculty Activities Reports (Business) Instructor Profile (MOCES) – Promotion and Tenure

b. Choose the desired start and end dates for the report, then click “Run Report” in the top, right corner.

c. Click the “Run Report” button in the top, right corner 


Your report will generate as a Microsoft Word document. Only classes that have associated course evaluation results will appear in the report. MOCES results for future terms are uploaded to the Scheduled Teaching section of the FAD following the end of each term. A schedule of these and other FAD information uploads is posted on the FAD website and updated prior to the start of each academic year. Please email with any questions.