Strategies to Increase Course Evaluation Response Rates

The best way to increase both the response rate and usefulness of your course evaluations is to demonstrate to your students that the evaluations are important to you. Here are some strategies to do so:

Give students time in class

Instructors who provide students time in class to complete their evaluations, see an average response rate of 83% (compared to an average response rate of 59% for those who did not). Devoting class time shows students that the evaluations are important to you. Students can complete the evaluations on any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet. Follow these instructions to conduct an in-class evaluation.

Give specific examples of how you’ve used evaluations in the past

Use a recent example so students can see how the feedback from prior students benefited them and how their feedback will thus benefit future students. 

Check your response rates DURING the evaluation period

If you log into MOCES during the evaluation period you'll see your up-to-the-minute response rate. 

Post reminders

Remind students to complete their evaluations during class time, in D2L and on assignments/handouts.  

Send personal reminder email to students

While reminders are sent through MOCES, you can also send a message to your students with a link to the evaluation site: