International Student Ambassadors

At Marquette, we know that our current students are our most effective representatives. Our international student ambassadors listed below are available to answer your questions at any time. Feel free to email them your questions, or schedule a time to connect using Skype, Facebook, QQ or other social media platform.

If you would like to contact the admissions staff, visit our contact us page.

Burkina Faso

Gildas Kabore
Burkina Faso
Accounting & Supply Chain Management; Class of 2019

I was looking for a university that would set me apart and when I found Marquette, the search was over. Today, Marquette allows me to Be The Difference and I'm so grateful. Here, we have great programs, great professors and so many activities to get involved in! 


Student photo of U HoiU Hoi Chao
Hong Kong, China
Biomedical Sciences & Psychology; Class of 2020

I initially chose Marquette because of the generous scholarships and the excellent health sciences department. Now I am truly glad I made that choice. I love the beautiful campus, the friendly professors, and the numerous clubs and activities. Marquette feels like my home away from home.


Student photo of CathyZiyang Fu
Public Relations; Class of 2021

I have never regretted choosing Marquette University and being part of it. Marquette provided me with a supportive environment, and helped me approach my dream step by step. If you also have a dream to pursue, do not hesitate to choose Marquette, because Marquette University is the place to make your dream come true.


Photo of JianxinJianxin Ren
Yantai, China
Finance and Information Systems; Class of 2020

There are three main reasons why I choose Marquette University. Marquette University offers a wonderful business program. U.S. News & World Report placed Marquette's undergraduate majors in finance as 21st. Secondly, All the professors whom you can learn from are patient and experienced. Also, there are lots of excellent study abroad programs that you can attend within different colleges.


Student Photo of XiaodanYihan Xia
Journalism; Class of 2021

The first time I walked into Marquette campus, I felt that this is the campus I had been dreaming about. There are many opportunities for student to get involved in. The size of class is perfect for me because everyone have chance to let the professor know you. Also, the students are friendly. I really enjoy my time at Marquette.

Photo of JiaminJiamin Xie
Xiamen, China
Accounting and International Business; Class of May 2020

Marquette is a small but diverse university. Here, you can learn kinds of people, worlds, problems, and so on. On the other hand, it has a great professor to students ratio so that everyone can get a high quality education.



Student Photo of DanielaDaniela Caceres
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Undecided; Class of 2020

I chose Marquette because of what it has to offer. It has an amazing reputation, the education is one of the best in the country, and the community is unique. These are just some of the things  that I thought I would find here at Marquette, and my expectations have not only been met; they have been surpassed.


Student photo SihamSiham Samara
Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering; Class of 2022

I chose Marquette because I fell in love as soon as I visited the campus. The sense of community and school spirit that I felt was outstanding, not to mention the incredible educational buildings all around campus. Additionally, all of the opportunities that the university offers are amazing.

Photo of AnyaAnya Maradiaga
Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering; Class of 2022

I chose marquette for its perfect sized campus, and classrooms. It allows you to get to know your professors, and your classmates, which will help you get more active in the classroom. Marquette offers a lot of opportunities to let you get involved on campus, and acquire experience on your career from excellent professors, and curriculum. 


Photo of Rebeca FloresRebeca Flores
Advertising; Class of 2020

The main reason why I chose Marquette was because of the people. Since I got here, students, as well as faculty and staff, have always been making me feel welcome. In this short time I have met incredible, driven, and caring people who are completely engaged with whatever they set their minds to.


Photo of EduardEduard Zeledon
Mechanical Engineering, Class 2022

I chose Marquette because of its well regarded mechanical engineering program. I really like how Marquette values leadership, community service and the belief that you can make a difference. The community at Marquette is welcoming and full of energy.


Student photo Anora Anora Oromoni
Warri, Nigeria
Accounting; Class of 2019

I chose Marquette because it has a great business program. Marquette teaches the value of leadership and provides different opportunities. It is located in downtown Milwaukee and the campus is really beautiful. I am grateful to be part of the Marquette community and I know you would too. 


Student photo Anora Hella Andreassen
Economics and International Affairs; Class of 2020

I chose Marquette after I toured the campus the winter before my freshman year. The campus was small enough to not get lost, yet surrounded by a larger city which provided this urban scene that really appealed to me. Looking back, I am glad I made my decision! I have met so many incredible people - both student and faculty - as well as the opportunities to get involved are endless.

Palestinian Authority

Photo of ShahdShahd Sawalhi
Palestinian Authority
Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering; Class of 2022

I chose Marquette because of the various opportunities it has to offer its students, from co-op programs, internships and exchange years. Marquette also has a strong Biomedical Engineering program, where you can Make A Difference even when you are just in the classroom. Most importantly, the professors and the students are always ready to help you with anything! The diversity in the university assured me that I will be welcomed warmly into its community and be an active member in it.