Undergraduate Tuition and Living Expenses Estimates (2020-21)

Tuition (Fall Term) $22,485
Tuition (Spring Term) $22,485
Living Expenses (Fall & Spring) $18,620
Living Expenses (Summer) $  4,240
Annual Total $67,830

Living expenses include the estimated costs of:

  • Residence hall room with a roommate during two terms
  • Lodging when residence halls are closed including summer
  • Food during two terms and school vacations, including summer and breaks
  • Health insurance for 12 months
  • Clothing, personal items and entertainment for 12 months
  • Books and supplies for two terms of full-time study
  • Student activity and wellness fee for two terms, including a city bus pass
  • Student service fee for two terms

Summer Session Enrollment

Students may choose to enroll in either or both of the summer sessions that are held from mid-May through June and from July through mid-August. Students who attend summer classes will spend approximately $750 per credit (at 2021 rates) for tuition and an additional $150 for incidental expenses in addition to summer living expenses.

Spouses & Children

Financial support for dependents is estimated to cost an additional $11,700 per year for a spouse and an additional $6,000 per year per child who is present with the spouse.

Cost estimates are expected to increase with inflation and program development each year.