After taking the appropriate English language placement test at Marquette, you will find out whether you need to enroll in English as a Second Language courses. You will register for any necessary ESLP courses during your first semester at Marquette to maximize the benefits of the program. Students who need more than one semester to complete their ESLP courses should continue each consecutive semester until the ESLP courses are completed.

English 1001: "Freshman English"

Undergraduate students who must take the “Freshman English” course, ENGL 1001, as a bachelor's degree requirement may be asked to register for a special ESLP section.
Sections of ENGL 1001 normally meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

ESLP Course Schedules

Detailed schedule information for each semester is available in university publications, on the Marquette website, or at the Office of International Education.

You will have time to discuss your schedule and possible ESLP course work with your academic advisers before the semester begins. If you have questions, please contact the ESL program staff.