Weinreich Memorial Award

Originally known as the Outstanding Physics Major Award, this award was renamed to honor the memory of Stephen Weinreich who received it in 1982. The award is made to a senior physics major who demonstrates leadership through academic performance and service and has achieved academic distinction. The recipient's name is engraved on a plaque and a science-related book of interest to the student is awarded.

Stephen Weinreich Memorial Award Recipients

Alyssa Kraft
Audiel Perez
John Valla
Clare Urbanski
Mustafa Abu-Mallouh
John (Jack) Smedley
Dominic Battaglia
Elise Rimsa
Ryan Schumm
Ryan Howell
Christopher Johlie
Kirsten Blagg
Demetrious Kutzke
Kelsey Meinerz
Kyle Kimminau
Abigail SearfossSihui Yang
Rebecca McAuliffe
Peter Bolgert
Christopher Langlo
Sarah Reiff
Cyrus Vandrevala
Sean Krzyzewski
Jennifer Bustamante
Benjamin Rizzo
Nicolas A. Nelson
Daniel J. Kelley
Joleen M. Kugi
Jonathan T. Filter
James C. Phillips
Peter A. Santi
Bill K. Fester
Anne C. Schaefer
James P. Vitha
Stephen J. Mosier
Stephen C. Jensen
Stephen K. Weinreich
David J. Kinzer
Paul D. Lett
Michael G. Cherney

Karioris Award

The Karioris Memorial Student Award was established to honor the memory of Mr. Frank G. Karioris, a member of the Marquette University physics faculty for forty five years. This award has several purposes:

  • To keep the memory of Professor Karioris' friendship and collaboration alive among his students and coworkers,
  • To recognize and encourage the values and qualities he lived by: faith in God, respect for the dignity of every colleague and student, interest in a broad range of human wisdom and experience, an intellectual drive to understand and demonstrate clearly the physical laws of nature, tenacity and hard work in achieving goals, delight in sharing his knowledge and understanding with others, love for teaching.
  • To honor and assist outstanding and deserving students who have a love for physics and a motivation to succeed professionally in this field.

This award is made to a junior physics major who fulfills these criteria and has achieved academic distinction. The recipient's name is engraved on a plaque and a science-related book of interest to the student is awarded.

Karioris Award Recipients

Alex DeSimone
Callie Schmidt
Alyssa Kraft
Audiel Perez
John Valla
Ryan Lichtenberger
John (Jack) Smedley
Dominic Battaglia
Margaret Johnston
Demetrious Kutzke
Kelsey Meinerz
Abigail Searfoss
Peter Bolgert
Christopher Langlo
Jennifer Bustamante
Andrew S. Nencka
Christopher V. Sloane
Jason D. Schmidt
Daniel J. Magestro

Sigma Pi Sigma

Sigma Pi Sigma is the Physics Honor Society. It exists to honor outstanding scholarship in physics; to encourage interest in physics among students at all levels; to promote an attitude of service of its members towards their fellow students, colleagues, and the public; to provide a fellowship of persons who have excelled in physics.

The Marquette University Chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma was initially installed in 1947 and about 330 members have been inducted.

2020-Present Inductees

2023 Inductees

Antonio Banda, Class of 2023
Alex DeSimone, Class of 2024
Katherine "Kat" Etten, Class of 2024
Amelia "Mia" Ketelhohn, Class of 2023
Alyssa Kraft, Class of 2023
Callie Schmidt, Class of 2024
Patricia Vushaj, Class of 2023

2022 Inductees

Hugh Church, Class of 2022
Audiel Perez, Class of 2022
Rory Ravenscraft, Class of 2022
John Valla, Class of 2022
Zachary Vansickle, Class of 2022
Ryan York, Class of 2022
Rick Boyd, Faculty

2021 Inductees

Anna Abadsantos, Class of 2021
Aditya Apte, Class of 2021
Zachary Belyaev, Class of 2021
Anne Carani, Class of 2022
Dr. David Haas, Faculty

2020 Inductees

Joshua Frost, Class of 2020
Ryan Lichtenberger, Class of 2021
Brian Martinez, Class of 2020
Andrew Story, Class of 2020
Clare Urbanski, Class of 2021
Paul Kohler, Visiting Educator
Dr. Sarah Erickson-Bhatt, Faculty


2010-2019 Inductees

2019 Inductees

Mustafa Abu-Mallouh, Class of 2020
Holly Fortener, Class of 2020
Michael Mastalish, Class of 2019
Aaron Moriak, Class of 2020
Ian Ritzinger, Class of 2019
Amelia Ruffolo, Class of 2020
John (Jack) Smedley, Class of 2020
Dr. Jax Sanders, Faculty
Dr. Kathryn (Katie) Schultz, Faculty

2018 Inductees

Dominic Battaglia, Class of 2019
Sophia Cieslicki, Class of 2019
Andres Damian, Class of 2019
Luiz Gabriel Dias Duarte Machado, Class of 2018
John Kempf, Class of 2020
Max Mattappillil, Class of 2018
Thomas Retzloff, Class of 2018
Justin Simon, Class of 2019
Alec Tauer, Class of 2020

2017 Inductees

Bradley Cole, Class of 2018
Thomas Dietz, Class of 2018
Anthony Francisco, Class of 2017
Noah Greenberg, Class of 2018
Margaret Johnston, Class of 2018
Elise Rimsa, Class of 2018
Ryan Schumm, Class of 2018
Brian Touhy, Class of 2017

2016 Inductees:

Ryan Howell, Class of 2017
Matthew Hughes, Class of 2018
Dr. Brian Bennett, Faculty

2015 Inductees:

Christopher Johlie, Class of 2016
Austin Kopitzke, Class of 2015
Mari Luepke, Class of 2016
Laura Pincombe, Class of 2016

2014 Inductees:

Kristen Blagg, Class of 2015
Johannes Christian, Class of 2014
William Condon, Class of 2014
Demetrious Kutzke, Class of 2015
Henry Le, Class of 2015
Nick Lopez-Canelas, Class of 2015
Mike Nichols, Class of 2015

2013 Inductees:

David, Anaya, Class of 2013
Melissa Budelier, Class of 2013
Klesey Meinerz, Class of 2014
Leo Nugraha, Class of 2014
Gavin Rank, Class of 2014
Alex Seiner, Class of 2014
Jesse Vogeler - Wunsch, Class of 2014
Wei Wu, Class of 2014

2012 Inductees:

Benjamin Calvopina, Class of 2012
Timothy Gee, Class of 2012
Kyle Kimminau, Class of 2013
Preston Koch, Class of 2013
Jeffrey Maltas, Class of 2012
Abigail Searfoss, Class of 2013
Sihui Yang, Class of 2013
William Hirsch, Faculty

2011 Inductees:

Erin Kaprelian, Class of 2012
Rebecca McAuliffe, Class of 2013
Daniel Olsen, Class of 2013
Patrick Welch, Class of 2013

2010 Inductees:

Peter Bolgert, Class of 2012
Michael Osterman, Class of 2011
Jonathon Priem, Class of 2011
Thomas Romza, Class of 2011
Randy Wolfmeyer, Faculty


2001-2009 Inductees

2009 Inductees:

Michael Heim, Class of 2009
Christoper Langlo, Class of 2010
Andrew Smith, Class of 2010
Cyrus Vandrevala, Class of 2010

2008 Inductees:

Brianne Bolan, Class of 2009
Sarah Reiff, Class of 2010

2007 Inductees:

Ziqi Dai, Class of 2007

2006 Inductees:

Jackie Arvidson, Class of 2006
Sabrina Dechene, Class of 2006
Brian Kaster, Class of 2007
Sean Krzyzewski, Class of 2007
Kevin Weiler, Class of 2006

2005 Inductees:

Jennifer Bustmante, Class of 2006
Adam Hinkle, Class of 2006
Michael Poellmann, Class of 2006
Ben Rizzo, Class of 2006
Ruth Howes, Faculty
Andrew Kunz, Faculty
Christopher Stockdale, Faculty
Melissa Vigil, Faculty

2004 Inductees:

Benjamin Nitti, Class of 2005

2003 Inductees:

Alexander Buob, Class of 2003
Chad Quandt, Class of 2004
Matthew Wiesner, Class of 2003

2002 Inductees:

Nicolas Nelson, Class of 2003
Andrew Nencka, Class of 2004
Dong Chan Vu, Class of 2003

2001 Inductees:

Peter Kleb, Class of 2002
Patricia Schaefer, Class of 2002
Christopher Sloan, Class of 2002

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

This award is presented to a senior teaching assistant who has shown both excellence in teaching and remained a consistent leader while serving as a TA in the physics department. This award recognizes the dedication, effort and ability to share knowledge with others while serving as a TA. The recipient's name is engraved on a plaque and a science-related book of interest to the student is awarded.

Outstanding TA Award Recipients

Kelly Colmone
Rachel Moore
Annie Carani
Adam Puchalski
Andrew Byrne
Kate Piper
Emily Callahan
Michael Offe
Dominic Battaglia
Alexander Dums
Yana Rawinski 2018
Andrew Walker
Amanda Neumann
Nathaniel Helminiak
Michael Nichols
William Condon
Alexius Metten
Maureen Ricken
Preston Koch
Michael Ostermann
Ryan Webster
Brianne Boland
Matt Desteffen
Ryan Lemminger