Applied Physics

What is the Applied Physics program?

In 2017 Marquette University started a degree program in Applied Physics which is a joint program with the Physics Department and the College of Engineering working to connect science and industry.

Applied Physics FAQs

What do applied physics majors study at Marquette?

As an applied physicist you will learn how the universe works, and then how to make the universe work for you! You will learn the fundamental principles of physics and take engineering courses to build up your technical skills. Your professors will work with you to find internship opportunities at major local companies.

Who should consider an applied physics major at Marquette?

Applied Physics may be right for you if:

  • You enjoy applying mathematics to real world situations.

  • You want to learn about the deepest mysteries of the universe.

  • You want to work in a high-tech job where you can have tangible impact.

What do Applied Physicists do?

A major in Applied Physics is great preparation for:

  • Careers in industry such as manufacturing, aerospace, or medical imaging.

  • Graduate school in physics, engineering, medicine, or law.

  • Employment in national labs, universities, or the military.