Faculty Research

Faculty Members Conducting Research

Students are encouraged to work with faculty mentors on research.

  • Paul Joseph, Lecturer, M.S. University of Utah, is the Chief Meteorologist of the Journal Broadcast Group’s Milwaukee operation of Today’s TMJ 4, WTMJ and WKTI. He has been forecasting Milwaukee’s weather for over 33 years and has a strong interest in science education.
  • Andrew Kunz, Professor, Ph.D. University of Minnesota, simulates magnetic materials in order to better understand the dynamic response of such systems. The simulation results are used to create physical models for magnetoresistive and other spintronic devices. He is also interested in improving physics education.
  • Michael Politano, Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Illinois, models populations of interacting binary stars with emphasis on model populations of cataclysmic variable stars, such as novae. He is interested in physics education and teacher preparation.
  • Christopher Stockdale, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Oklahoma, is actively engaged in a multi-wavelength study of core collapse supernovae. He observes the radio emission from these events and their surroundings using a variety of instruments, but primarily the Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico.