Students: Use Microsoft Teams for Online/Live Classes

Instructors may use Microsoft Teams for online/live class sessions or office hours.

Learn more about Teams to help ensure a quality online experience.

Help with Microsoft Teams Online Class Sessions

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Ready Your Laptop/Devices for Microsoft Teams

  • Download and install the Microsoft Teams software — which your instructor may use for online/live classes — if not already installed on your personal computer. While Microsoft Teams offers a web version, you get the best experience from the desktop software.
  • Visit the Microsoft Teams help website to learn about Teams.
  • If your instructor holds Microsoft Teams online/live classes, you will need speakers and a microphone, which are built into most laptops. For better audio quality, you can also use headsets or ear buds — ones that have a microphone — with Teams on your laptop.
  • Depending on your instructor's requirements, you may need a webcam, which is built into most laptops. Teams mobile apps also can use your smart phone's forward-facing camera. Download the Teams app for iOS or the Teams app for Android. If a webcam is required for online class and you do not have one, please discuss with your instructor.

Plan Ahead: "How Will I Join Teams Online Class Sessions?"

  • Your instructor has several ways to notify you with details about joining the Teams online class session, which includes the essential "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link.
    • You access a conversation post with the Join link on the class Team site — if your instructor has chosen to use a class Teams site.
    • You receive an Outlook calendar invitation and, upon acceptance, the invitation becomes an event item in your calendar.
    • You receive an email directly from the instructor.
  • The link varies for each of your courses. Be sure you can find the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link readily in advance for your course.
  • Just in case, note the call-in number and the Conference ID for your Teams online class session. If you encounter network trouble while using Teams, these details allow you to call in via phone, so you can listen to the Teams online class session.

Join Your Teams Online Class Session

See these instructions for joining a Microsoft Teams meeting for your online class session.

Learn to Use Teams While in the Online Session

After joining the online class session in Teams, familiarize yourself with the Teams controls and learn other tips.

Video: Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Troubleshoot Issues with Teams

  • Sometimes you may encounter poor network quality during an online class session. Reducing video usage to audio-only may help you continue with the session during network issues.
    • If your camera is on, click or tap the camera icon to switch it off.
    • Then click or tap the three-dots icon.
    • Select "Turn off incoming video" of the instructor and any other video feeds.
  • If the issue might be the home Wi-Fi network you are using, please see this troubleshooting guide, which includes instructions to switch to a phone call.
  • See troubleshooting Microsoft Teams for more tips.


If you have questions about Microsoft Teams online class sessions, please contact the IT Services TechSquad.