LIMO and LIMO Express

LIMO and LIMO Express provide safe rides for the Marquette community.

The Department of Campus Safety offers Local Intercampus Mobile Operations (LIMO) and LIMO Express to keep members of the Marquette community safe at night. There are seven vans in the fleet, each holding up to 14 passengers. LIMOs do not simply drop off passengers, but wait until they've arrived safely in their home, car or building.

COMING SOON: New updates to campus transportation arrive in January 2023. Learn about the new EagleExpress service and app.

LIMO vans

Run 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily and drive freely around campus. They are not restricted to a set route and respond to requests called in to dispatch at (414) 288-6363.

LIMO Express

Runs 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily, but they are required to make every stop along their route, which includes every residence hall as well as Raynor Library.

If you're on the sidewalk and see either type of LIMO, you can flag it down for a ride. Otherwise, you can call our dispatch number at (414) 288-6363 to request a LIMO to come to your location.

All student drivers undergo an intense training process to ensure passenger safety. Drivers go through a minimum of 30 hours of supervised training before being allowed to drive on their own. In that time, multiple tests and knowledge checks are given to ensure we are only putting the most qualified individuals on the road.

LIMO Express On-campus Route Map

LIMO Route Map

Off-campus Transport Locations

The five approved off-campus locations are the Milwaukee Intermodal Station (Amtrak), Valley Fields, the Eleven25 at Pabst apartments, Marquette's Behavior Analysis Clinic and the 313 Building (Human Resources, Finance, ITS).

LIMO Facts

  • Record numbers: Last year, LIMOs completed nearly 300,000 transports, not too bad for an entirely student-run operation!
  • History: The first program of its kind in the country, LIMO has transported more than 10 million members of the Marquette community since 1986.

Leonardo the LIMO driver


Limo Summer
  • LIMO Stops: The LIMOs are required to stop at all residence halls and Raynor Library each time they pass them.
  • You can't miss us: The large vans have a flashing strobe at the top that makes us easy to spot!

Become a student LIMO driver!

Being a student LIMO driver is now the best paying student job on campus with a starting rate of $15 an hour. Anyone who’s interested in exploring an opportunity with the program should apply online.


Frequently Asked Questions

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When does EagleExpress operate? 

Vans are active from 5 p.m. until 3 a.m. every day of the year. 

How do I request an EagleExpress? 

You must first download the EagleExpress app, powered by Via, from the App Store or Google Play. Set up a profile. You will need to input your Marquette email address to verify your identity. After you enter your email address, you will get a confirmation email to that account to verify that it is you. You must confirm this to be able to use the service. 

Once your profile is set up, you request a ride like you would on any other ride-share app. Verify your pickup location and input your drop-off location. EagleExpress app uses Google Maps, which has outdated information about the Marquette University campus. We are actively working with Google to get our campus maps updated. Please use exact street addresses for locations that are not yet updated in Google Maps.

Step 1: Move the map until the blue marker is at your desired pickup location and press "Set Pickup." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop-down. 

Step 2: Move the map until the orange marker is at your desired drop-off location and press "Set Drop Off." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop-down. EagleExpress will check for available vans and connect you with the best vehicle for your ride. 

Step 3: Review the ride offer in the proposal screen. Select "Book This Ride." Proposals expire in 30 seconds. If your proposal expires, you can resubmit the request to see what’s available. 

All the details will be displayed, including the pickup location (remember it may not be exactly where you requested it), an estimated arrival time for your pickup, and information on the van and driver picking you up. 

Will I be picked up exactly where I requested? 

If you are in a location next to a drivable road, your pickup location will be where you requested it. The app will confirm that when you book. However, if you try to book for a location on the interior of campus, such as near the St. Joan of Arc Chapel, the app will direct you to the nearest pickup location next to a drivable road. 

There are three designated pickup locations, two of which are also approved off-campus locations: Valley Fields, the Milwaukee Intermodal Station (Amtrak) and the Eleven25 at Pabst apartments. This is to help ensure riders and drivers can find each other more easily. If you request a ride from one of these locations, the app will direct you to a specific spot. 

If there is a temporary road closure, the driver may not be able to pick you up where requested. If this is the case, dispatch may call, text or email the rider to coordinate an alternate pickup location.

How many people can join me on my ride request? 

EagleExpress will accept ride requests for groups up to eight individuals. 

How much information will I see about my driver and vehicle? 

After your ride is confirmed, you will see the driver’s first name and last name initial. You will also have the van number and license plate. Please verify these details before boarding the van. 

What do the EagleExpress vans look like? 

EagleExpress vans are navy, gold and white. The wheelchair accessible van is white. The EagleExpress logo and a van number are on every vehicle.  

Eagle Express vans

Can EagleExpress take me off campus? 

There are two approved off-campus locations to which EagleExpress will transport passengers: Milwaukee Intermodal Station (Amtrak) and the Eleven25 at Pabst apartments. All other rides are restricted to campus.  

What kind of notifications will I receive about my ride? 

You will receive a notification that your requested ride is confirmed, when your van is five minutes away from your location and when your van has arrived. You should make your way to the meeting point once you receive the five-minute warning message. You will not receive a phone call.   

How long will the EagleExpress van wait for me? 

The van will wait two minutes for you to arrive and will then move on to its next request. Please pay attention to the five-minute notification you receive about your ride so you’re ready on time. Please be outside or within visual range of the pickup location at the time of your estimate. 

How long will it take for an EagleExpress van to get to me? 

Our objective is to provide a safe service for all passengers to increase safety on campus. Wait times can vary depending on many factors, such as weather, call volume, events on campus and the number of available vehicles. You will be able to track your EagleExpress on the app.  

What happens if I can’t make my ride? 

If you know you can't make your ride, please cancel your ride in the EagleExpress app so we can serve another student in your place. If you called to request a ride, please call 414-288-6363 to let the dispatcher know that you are canceling the ride. 

I can’t find my driver. What should I do? 

Please call dispatch at 414-288-6363, and they will check the vehicle location for you. 

My phone died. Is my ride canceled? 

No. You just won’t be able to receive notifications when your ride arrives, so please be ready and waiting near your pickup location. 

The EagleExpress app isn’t working on my smart phone. What should I do?

The minimum version of the operating system needed for the rider app is:

  • 5.0 for Android
  • 12 for iOS

In addition to checking for operating system updates, please check for any carrier updates as well.

Can anyone use EagleExpress? 

Use of EagleExpress is available to anyone with an active Marquette University email address and their guests. To request a ride, download the EagleExpress app and log in with your university email address. You will need to show your MUID before boarding the van. 

Is the service wheelchair-accessible? 

Yes, the EagleExpress fleet includes a vehicle that can transport people who use a wheeled mobility device. This vehicle is available during every shift.

If you use a wheeled mobility device, when you set up your EagleExpress account in the app, go to account settings, click special settings and turn on the wheelchair accessibility option. This will ensure every ride request you make will always dispatch the WAV (wheelchair-accessible vehicle) for you.

If you are booking a ride for yourself and a friend who uses a wheeled mobility device, when you input the number of passengers in the ride request, simply select the option for a passenger with a wheelchair. The WAV will be dispatched to accommodate your party.

The EagleExpress WAV has a driver-deployed rear entry ramp. Please select a pickup location that allows you to safely approach the vehicle. 

I’m using crutches. Can I use the service?

Yes, you have two options for transport while using a mobility aid, including crutches, walker, scooter, etc. You can book the standard EagleExpress van, or you may request the wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV), which is available during every shift. To book the WAV, you will need to update your EagleExpress account. In the app, go to account settings, click special settings and turn on the wheelchair accessibility option. This will ensure every ride request you make will always dispatch the WAV (wheelchair-accessible vehicle) for you. You may bring up to three additional passengers in the WAV. If your need is temporary, remember to update your settings again when you no longer have a need for the WAV.

Students with other needs related to mobility or temporary impairments are encouraged to contact our Office of Disability Services.

I don’t have a smart phone. How do I request a ride? 

If you cannot use the app, you can call dispatch at 414-288-6363 to request a ride. Dispatch will book your request, provide an estimated wait time, and share the driver and vehicle information. Note that the first time you do this, dispatch will need your name, phone number and Marquette email address to verify identity. You will get a confirmation email to that account to verify that it is you. You must confirm this to be able to use the service.

Please make sure you are at the pickup location and watching for your ride, as you will not receive any notifications.  

If I see an EagleExpress van en route, can I flag it down to grab a ride? 

No. All rides are dispatched and managed through the app to optimize fleet availability with ride request volumes. Vans are dispatched based on available seating and destinations of passengers. Please make sure you download the app and set up a profile so you can request a ride when you need it. 

Can I bring alcohol on the van? 

No, it is against our policy to have open containers of alcohol on the van. If the alcohol is sealed in its original store packaging, you may bring it on the EagleExpress. Kegs are never allowed in our vans. 

What happens if I vomit in a van? 

Anyone who vomits in an EagleExpress van will receive a $100 fine to pay for cleanup. 

I forgot an item on a van. What do I do? 

Our drivers do interior checks of their vans at the beginning and end of their shifts to locate any items that may have been left behind. If we find your item, the latest it will be available for pickup will be at the end of our nightly operations at 3 a.m. Our policy requires us to turn in any found items to MUPD. If we've found your item, it will be available for pickup at MUPD headquarters on 16th Street. 

What is EagleEye? 

EagleEye is the university’s safety app that integrates with Marquette University's safety and security systems. The EagleEye app hosts many Marquette safety resources, and anyone — including parents and neighbors — can download it from the App Store or Google Play. Location services must be enabled and push notifications allowed for full functionality. Learn more about its features

EagleExpress is one of many resources the university offers. Learn about the EagleEye app, safety tips, safety classes and seminars, and safety alert process